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our birthday TSS 10th Birthday is coming in


Guess this TShirt!

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Recent Comments

  • The infamous Thai boot on the Knits, size M
  • thanks man. yeah I cant stand jackets with many patches you know what i mean. I get crazy when it comes to patches.
  • Complete fake.
  • Are they all woven/embroidered. Might buy one off a guy and just wanted to make sure it wasn't a printed patch
  • Very nice, man! I'm the same way with battlejackets "less is more" concept.
  • Nice.
  • Good combination!
  • Wow!!!! I'd say a bootleg.....but a fuckin awesome one. Incredible!!!! Wish I had one!!!!!!!
  • I'm not so much into white shirts but this one looks killer!!
  • Great t-shirt, my favourite album cover for Domination \m/
  • Im sure it does, do you know the Vinyl artwork is different? I actually like the vinyl artwork better, than the cd versi
  • They put on a good show. Cheers!
  • Will do, I've done a massive update as far as more patches go, I'll upload it here as soon as I get my hands o
  • Thanks man originally I wasn't too sure about it, but it's sort of grown on me
  • Ah so you're the one who bought it right out from under me eh?
  • Awesome!


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