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our birthday We made it !!! 10th Birthday is here!!

Guess this TShirt!

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Recent Comments

  • Looks cool!
  • Great start.
  • So many good bands, Which BP you thinking of going?
  • They look epic and all but agreed with bestial_bunny some places / bikers don't appreciate it. Can't stand Bl
  • Mental as fuck haha, Still love that BP man!!!
  • True that mate.
  • Apparently so!
  • Thanks for the comment. Do what you feel is right, as its yours.
  • Enough to get yourself included in the TSS birthday video ;)
  • Glam rules. You are not alone brother, as I have a glamish Battle Jacket.
  • Oh nice! Lycus are so good, and their shirt designs are beautiful.
  • Nice! So nice I placed it as a main patch on the back of my KISS Battle Vest #2.
  • Hellvetron!
  • Where'd you get that red Wrathprayer patch? Looks sick.
  • Very Kool! A few I don't have on either of my two KISS Battle Vest's. Thanks for sharing.
  • This KISS Battle Vest #1 now has a brother as I've completed KISS Battle Vest #2.

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