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Guess this TShirt!

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Recent Comments

  • This shirt has been sold
  • lovely little Testament strip
  • Very much so. Total support for these guys.
  • Mint and LS version, very cool mate!
  • Awesome TS!5 flames for the old school logo alone! Yep,i have Grim Reaping Norway as well.The start with 'Abductio
  • Awesome!Really great design?!
  • Yeah its is... one of my favorites from 2015 :) Marduk never dissapoints
  • Very Hard to Find!!!!
  • Yeah, Old Funeral have so many compilations at this point that I should just go ahead and pick one.
  • Great ! I would be happy to get it ! I've seen the other Tormentor tshirt that you have, really nice.
  • Thats it! To buy more cds? I was buying this shirt in music hall.com But then i saw a marduk frontschwein exclusive and
  • The Old ones? I still only have the Grim Reaping Norway cd myself. But I really should get to buying more.
  • The hammerheart cd ( i dont remember how is it called) was one of the first extreme metal albums i heard :)
  • Sure. Psychology. Sure.
  • Fucking amazing man!
  • Patch master productions made them a few months ago, I beleive

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