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        Recent Comments

        • tough
        • I wish it would be black, rather then burnt-out vintage grey, but even with grey it works perfect for me.
        • Totally! "Slaughter" is full of melody, nevertheless it's heavy at the same time.
        • yes of course. 100% it's a punk & metal classic!!
        • Yes, there is nothing good in praising suicide, but its just their humor style, nothing you can do about it. Hmm, prett
        • Thanks :) probably in the future they will print them again. I mean at the gates is touring and releasing albums
        • They got their priorities straight! Hahahaha
        • yes my friend. its hard to find nowadays.
        • thank you my friend.
        • Some people take this stuff seriously...I saw a fight almost broke out in one of the gigs...someone called some band nu
        • Please clean your lense.. it's like looking through a bar after a million cigarettes
        • Dude, you "find" the most unreal stuff. Props bro!
        • Oh man. Wish these were still being printed. This is awesome!
        • It's in way better condition than I thought. Makes me appreciate our trade ALOT more so thank you brother \m/
        • Meant official actually...I think they were re-released without backprint...But you're totally right about the logo
        • Was real happy it wasn't as faded as it looked in your original pics. Nice added suprise :)


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