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Guess this TShirt!

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Recent Comments

  • Where did you purchase yours? I've always wondered when he released this.
  • Interesting stud pattern, reminds me of the old Skitslickers jacket, the gentleman from Disclose if memory serves me.
  • The white stitching around the MGLA patch adds to that logo. Very cool.
  • I've always been fond of this image.
  • Great back patch!
  • Nice shirt,great band!
  • Is this shirt still for sale?
  • Do you still have this for sale?
  • How much would you take for the Der Stürmer and Aryan Blood?
  • Another beauty!
  • Fuckn sick!
  • Nice one mate!
  • Cheers, have a corpse molestation patch waiting to be put on something
  • Sick
  • I'm putting the same one on the back of my next vest. This is a nice one!
  • Thank you man