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  • Maybe if you could stop offering them money... you wouldnt get all those weird looks... Also, you need this LS
  • so you think its crack and not the cool tshirts? or size of my whiner?
  • I think if you lay off crack once in a while you would get laid in no time... But hey... aint no expert on females.
  • Nice!
  • so you think i am still a virgin because i dont live in the right place? or maybe this shirt will help?
  • I dont know man... they are used to see you without shirt hitting on their wives... i dont know...
  • you think it will make me look cool in my neighborhood?
  • You know you want it
  • Very nice!
  • ebani pycckNN 3axBaTbIBaI-0 caNT fucking pendosi
  • damn right!!!! ps: hey man! :)
  • This band still kicks ass !!
  • yeah ,derek riggs rules!!!
  • thank you,one 1980 original card was sold some years ago for more than $800!!! (with original autographs,of course)
  • very cool!
  • Nice I was at that show and got this same shirt. Unfortunately I don't have the shirt anymore
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