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Recent Comments

  • indeed it actually seems like a modern version of the haywain...bosch had influenced a lot of bands like for example kre
  • Ughhh I need to find one of these soooo bad
  • they sell this online man
  • The best one
  • For Sale pls :/ *__*
  • They shut it down? I mean Hard Rock.
  • Totally! I only heard first Pain album & gave it up.
  • got cloaked in the office. so its a soft style Gildan.
  • I know... we dont want that. But peter should focus on hypocrisy more than pain... my opinion
  • I saw them in 2005 at the hard rock cafe... thats right! At the restaurant.
  • Last one was 5 years ago or. Its about time. On the other hand, I am glad they don't release albums every year.
  • Much more variety in his vocals. Previous vocalist was a bit limited in range. Saw them live back in September.
  • Same here. They don't frequent Americas. Probably work full time somewhere to make a buck.
  • I remember Metal Maniacs :) Went Downtown once a month to get Maniacs & Bravewords.
  • Ive never seen them live :(
  • Yeahh i think mortus gave marduk a breath of fresh air


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