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Recent Comments

  • Ah, ok. Thought you never seen them. But you meant the time;-)
  • Is it still available?
  • Cool! Never seen the Tokyo Tapes with golden thread on it before
  • Woah, now that is an old post.... Are those patches still available? Or still for sale?
  • thanks :) Ive tons of maiden pins,still i prefer to use it without them to avoid losses
  • Where did you find this one?
  • Awesome! All you need is some pins!
  • Oh I've caught him twice since then dude, once in his home state of New Jersey and the other at Hellfest.
  • Thanks!
  • Great one!
  • Keep my fingers crossed that you'll have the chance to see them one day!
  • Yeah it's in very good condition. Thanks for the fire mate!
  • Great album!
  • I wish I caught that. I was 14 at the time and these guys never came to Ireland unfortunately
  • Cool \m/ Saw the show @ Hannover:-)
  • War ja allgemein damals immer 'ne Kunst an gute (und ungeschnittene) Streifen zu kommen. Und dann gab's die Ko


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