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Dukun Metal never
our birthday We made it !!! 10th Birthday is here!!

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Recent Comments

  • Great backprint!
  • I know exactly what you're getting at and I agree with you. The old bootlegs are cooler and better quality.
  • The heaviest record of '86.
  • If only I could go back in time. Kreator was a disappointment when I saw them back in April.
  • Holy shit this is a rarity!
  • You mean Paul Speckmann? Cool hat!!
  • I ran out :( no joke
  • Excellent shirt!!
  • Nice one!
  • The paintings look good!
  • I sent you a message
  • send me a message :)
  • no I didnt, scary how they've got it almost monopolised!
  • All gaps have been filled, I'm trying to upload finished pics today. The finished product is for sale
  • notice a few gaps on the front that could use some attention, but otherwise perfect.
  • it will start to come together more once you balance out the bottom with something to counter the summoning logo.


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