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our birthday We made it !!! 10th Birthday is here!!

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  • I doubt it but thanks, I do love my job
  • Thanks Doc!
  • Still a few more to come bro, wait and see, wait, and see hehehe
  • Fuck that's wicked....Stop making me so jealous!!!!
  • You are far more metal than I haha. It's great to be passionate about your job I reckon, Not enough are these days
  • Some great bands, Not big on the double ups...Looks odd.
  • Great start mate.
  • Fantastic taste mate, Love the BP! G.B.K have amazing music and artwork.
  • Gnarly as!!!!
  • Most welcome brother. Agreed, Hiroshima Will Burn too, Customs one day. Indeed, I'm working on an idea, More to b
  • Most welcome matey, Oh wow that's cool!! Cheers \m/
  • My clients aren't fancy haha, I sell to the tyre industry, But just in general would prefer it hidden to look somew
  • Here you go mate!!
  • WOW
  • :p Thanks bro
  • Thanks again! Glad someone else on here enjoys ASF!!

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