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Recent Comments

  • Ill wirte you a pm
  • Ok thanks bro Alessandro for your undying support! Cheers! \m/
  • Depending on the size of this I want it. Looking for a XL or XXL. Hit me up dude.
  • Nice...enjoy Nater. It was fucking killer for an acoustic show.
  • I think Beyond The Veil is a good one too.
  • THIS IS GODLY! I am very jealous.
  • Very cool needs Parasite on that list!!!
  • Very cool one!
  • Did you sow that on or did it come like that? Very cool!
  • Wow!! This is fuckan awesome!! My most wanted morbid angel shirt.
  • Now this is rare
  • A classic man, Congrats
  • Cool man
  • Wizard sleeved???? Never heard that before.
  • Don't you know where you are? YOU'RE IN PORT ROYAL Excellent work!!
  • A gem indeed - have the LS version myself.


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