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our birthday We made it !!! 10th Birthday is here!!

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  • Yeah, total boot.
  • Cool
  • Thanks \m/
  • Je vais y jeter un œil. Merci!
  • Thanks! I had more coloured patches on the previous ones; but today I'm ok with mostly b/w patches.
  • Merci! L'album de Goatvermin ne m'a pas emballé. Les démos sont tellement sauvages...
  • Fucking awesome, thanks mate lml
  • Thanks Nater mate..yeah Corpse Molestation a must..3 patches is a start man cant wait to see yours when done..only got c
  • http://vintage-t-shirt-museum.blogspot.de/2015/01/iron-maiden-flight-of-icarus-world.html so this is a bootleg i guess?
  • One of a bunch of great shirts I picked up from Nicola Visintini :)
  • Killer \m/
  • Never seen any evidence of one from the FC back then.
  • Damn cool
  • Thank you my man :)
  • Absoluter klassiker!
  • Oh really? would love to see that design if thats possible!


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