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  • Das hier käme auch in Frage. Meld dich ma wieder :)
  • Das hier würde ich auch für den Strongblood patch nehmen. Kann auch noch was drauflegen :)
  • Würdest du das gegen den Strongblood Backpatch tauschen? :O
  • Awesome, love Pantera and this album is great!
  • I've got my own copy now and it's completely white sadly... Maybe it's a bootleg? How's your print?
  • Just get's better everytime i look at it.
  • Nice patches matey, Sgt.D is epic as fuck.
  • Fuck man that sucks ass!! Hope they find your stuff.
  • Nice!!! Sounds good man.
  • i'm wainting just one patch, vintage cannibal corpse) and i will start
  • Love it! But for me it looks better on a black shirt.
  • Top notch shirt! Always wanted it!
  • Not a fan of this font on the backprint, but overall it's nice.
  • Thanks guys
  • Oh very nice!
  • Thanks man, its my favorite longsleeve.


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