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our birthday We made it !!! 10th Birthday is here!!

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  • Very nice!
  • Thanks a lot mate!
  • Wow, nice shirt man! Love this band.
  • great design!
  • 5 flames of this one, if you want to trade it let me know :p
  • Wow, you got it signed? Very nice! Enjoy my friend, and greetings to your gf!!
  • nice one, actually you know gumtree is owned by ebay? :D
  • I saw Tool too but in 2003 at the Ozzfest, they headlined that show since Ozzy cancelled. Decrepit Birth + Cryptopsy...m
  • That sucks dude. Sorry to hear that.
  • Great shirt!
  • Sale/Trade make an offer!
  • great shirt Jon, a backprint you don't see very often
  • classic beauty
  • Das hier käme auch in Frage. Meld dich ma wieder :)
  • Das hier würde ich auch für den Strongblood patch nehmen. Kann auch noch was drauflegen :)


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