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Guess this TShirt!

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Recent Comments

  • Hahahahaha!
  • Great paint, Kampfar \m/
  • Sucks your Ulver shirt got torn, But fuck it looks amazing as a BP!!!
  • Whoever bought this is one lucky person
  • Nice taste! Killer Children of Technology patch!
  • That Revenge looks epic on the shoulder!!
  • Looks a bit...Umm...Ughhh, I don't think I can say what I want and not be banned.
  • Sick!! Haven't listened to this in a while.
  • Awesome BP!!! Who's the band above Discharge?
  • I need this patch.
  • Some wicked bands! Did you make these or buy em?
  • Nice taste, Digging that Pagan Altar patch!!
  • Infant Annihilator!!! Wicked band. Good taste.
  • Awesome! Currently waiting for my Midnight Odyssey patch to reach me.. Will sew it within the same hour of getting it.
  • Wicked as hell update man, Easily one of my favourites!!
  • 'Straya!! Can't wait to see em play in full next JAN, Welcome to TSS.


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