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Recent Comments

  • Jealous! This is an epic and catchy album, it doesn't get old after dozens of listens.
  • Love this album, start to finish, every song is an absolute gem
  • Sweet. Never seen this one before, such a great album too.
  • Nicht dein Ernst....
  • You should totally trade this to me!!
  • would you sell this?
  • This is still ORIGINAL setup, from the focus griptape to the vision wheels, no one rides this anymore.
  • How much is shipping? Can't seem to find it.
  • The design is good. Downloading album now :)
  • The guitarist was in whoretopsy I believe then went to yugen I supply all those guys with beard shit.
  • Mate, that is a 10/10 trade.
  • Not easy at all brother, and not cheap either, normally I just fill the empty longboxes I have since the early 90s but n
  • Makes sense, looks amazing either way!!! :)
  • Une des meilleures vestes de la galerie !! Congrats ami.
  • Nice patch choices for this one! I like this way of sewing style!
  • Wicked!! Love those pockets! Great job!
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