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Guess this TShirt!

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Recent Comments

  • Thought i would give this a BUMP, so people can see the amazing handywork again.
  • The Brazil patch at the bottom is velcro and can be moved around on the vest.
  • Thx mate!
  • really cool!
  • Yep sure did. I was the same with Postmortem, so much better live!
  • Very cool one. I always liked this one!
  • Very cool one!!!
  • Really neat shirt
  • Thanks bro! \m/
  • One gnarly vest my dude
  • Awesome. Dig the Skelator sword too.
  • Wicked LS cobber!!!! Did you see them last year? Such a wicked gig!!! Lost my shit when they played Sculptor of Flesh.
  • Never mind I'm stoned there were 5 guitars xD
  • Epic LS man, Pretty awesome sword to! I'll trade you a emu feather for it.
  • That would be cool, Perhaps some charms?
  • Pisser!!! What do you think Marduk would do if we rocked up to see them in it?


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