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  • Dude, is that a snake vivarium on the left? I have to say, your house really rocks, I love to see this pics!
  • Wow. How on earth someone would find a shirt from a band this old and obscure is beyond me.
  • Anyone?
  • Haha - thanks for the history lesson ... Still says Iced Earth
  • ^^^^^
  • I like your attitude. I don't care about Burzum or Varg, whatever people like they should listen to.
  • Well as someone who is gender neutral like myself, its pretty clear that someone like varg would see me as the scum of t
  • Thank you, it's a sweater that's very hard to come by. Really love anything related to this odd band!
  • Really cool mate!!! Trying to convince my Mrs to make one haha.
  • Wicked as fuck taste in tunes and movies, Where did you get The Warriors pin?
  • Really great idea!! Great BPs mate.
  • I appreciate it
  • Thanks a lot. I'll update the year
  • Great haul mate!!
  • Fuck yeah!!! Great mask mate.
  • Shall do!
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