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our birthday We made it !!! 10th Birthday is here!!

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Recent Comments

  • Should I make it more tightly packed? It seemed kind of aesthetically nice to have 2 lines on the sides
  • Not a big fan of Gorgoroth and got other Dissection patches on the vest...gonna rework the front in near futute anyway
  • Yeah this copy is fuckin beautiful!!!!!!! Love the colour tone!!! Excellent
  • Toxic Holocaust.
  • Are the inverted crosses on either side of the Abigail logo from Thunderbolt or Toxic Holocaust?
  • Very nice selection of bands, but I can't help feeling that you can make better use of the real estate in terms of
  • It's not bad but the 2005 Plastic Head edition is much more beautiful.
  • Wanted
  • Thanks, yes it is !
  • Awesome Concept!
  • Those Diamond-Patches at the front shoulder look awesome, what do they represent?
  • Why cover up Gorgoroth and Dissection with the ugly 1349 patch?
  • Thanks mate. I prefer it to the gold version which seems to be a little more common.
  • Nice one! This looks better as a square than as a rectangle.
  • Hey, seems I can't contact you via PM.
  • new one


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