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our birthday We made it !!! 10th Birthday is here!!

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  • Nö. Was immer du zu tauschen hast, immer her damit! Bilder sagen auch hier mehr als Worte ;)
  • My friend brought them from Eastern Europe. He'd been to Bratislava, Prague, Pilsen and Budapest.
  • Old celtic Frost - top!
  • Gehört zu den besten demos aller Zeiten!
  • Prije dva mjeseca kad su svirali u Puli par stvari sa prvog dema je uz vokala odsvirala izvorna postava iz 1986!
  • LOL!! It's getting hot in here...
  • There's a lot of fire going on right now haha. Thanks again my friend! :)
  • Full flames.... again! ;)
  • Cheers mate! Can't go wrong with old Destruction stuff.
  • Another killer one!
  • Danke!! Håller med, riktigt old school och en svinbra platta!!
  • Whoooo! Fräck som fan!
  • Good point! Thanks again!
  • Very cool layout.
  • It's good for a spin every now and then. But I wouldn't say it's in my top ten list.
  • Haha, what a song title!! I never knew what it means. And yes I agree with you about the quality of the material. Thanx!

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