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  • Sickest tour ever, have it on vhs. I cannot imagine the joy of being there witnessing the carnage
  • So what!
  • Amazing album, from beginning to end
  • Not my favorite album by them but it definitely had its moments
  • It definitely was!
  • Sweet longsleeve. I just picked this album up not too long ago.
  • Yeah there's plenty more. I'll probably do a bulk collection listing one day soon.
  • yes
  • Fucking wicked stuff mate!!! Keep em coming.
  • Dead Letter Circus has some great stuff, Seen them with Karnivool! Both great bands in my opinion.
  • Oooo, Very nice shirt & LS matey!! Fantastic album.
  • Yeah never seen this one anywhere else.
  • There's a few different versions of this show. I like the colours on these inserts though!!
  • I'll buy it off you for 30....double your money haha Good score though. Looks perfect!!!
  • Awesome!!
  • I think this my be an original :)

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