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Guess this TShirt!

Can you guess which TShirt this is from? Click here for all previous guesses

Recent Comments

  • seems that it is i just enjoyed the show and bought a shirt
  • +1
  • I'm surprised too.I like it a lot!
  • Love it!
  • Hey, I got this one too!
  • Great!
  • Kick ass, I bloody love it. Just looking at this shirt makes me wanna bang my head
  • How can I buy theses patches I would like to order 3 with the green border been wanting this one for a while now thanks
  • Would you consider selling this?
  • Yea.. that’s the point of a rip..
  • Yeah over here in the states we usually found Tour dates versions. I had to order one from England to get this version
  • Great shirt dude and i have one myself. Line was toooooo long
  • Thanks man, for sure one of my favorite MA albums and shirt as well
  • Total design ripoff from https://tshirtslayer.com/tshirt-or-longsleeve/black-flag-0
  • My favorite Morbid album. That print looks insane! The reliefs pop right off the shirt.
  • Yeahhh man.