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Guess this TShirt!

Can you guess which TShirt this is from? Click here for all previous guesses

Recent Comments

  • Resurrection! Never got to see them but Embalmed Ex is the shit.
  • lookin good!
  • I can't even find words to describe how much I wanted this and how long I waited for this!!
  • Nice \m/
  • I haven't either but I gues one sleeve is better than nothing haha
  • It was moved to some teenager dance place that was the reason no beer was served haha.
  • i like that third pic :)
  • I got only a few left of the shows I went to, but a bunch more I got through trading tapes back in the day.
  • have this on CD, what a great record it is! really need to crack that one on vinyl!
  • Glad you liked it man, still a few amount of these available! Again thank you for the support!
  • Awesome LS and EP
  • very nice shirt mate, great album too.
  • just incredible, beautiful longsleeve
  • really nice design, this band always has great shirts.
  • killer backpatch, you definitely have alot of great Bolt Thrower merch.
  • No beer? That sucks! I feel like the pit would be more dangerous with a bunch of angry sober moshers.