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  • we have a bunch of different color combination logo shirts as well as a couple more full fledged designs with more on th
  • Might have to make an offer at some point. Fucking killer and a bunch of shit I haven't been able to find
  • Yes, it's really weird. I have never seen this kind of shirt before.
  • http://www.rockinpins.com/product/eternal-nightmare
  • Thanks man. This is the distro that sells it, although it appears to be completely sold out.
  • Looks killer and welcome back to TSS! Jealous of that Handle with Care circle...
  • I cant find my jawbone. I fell down when I saw that Backpatch..
  • Strange...no PHD copyright
  • Köszi szépen!
  • Thanks! Cauchemar is a female-fronted heavy/doom band. Rooted in 70s Priest and Sabbath.
  • Only black border remains
  • Sorry, I meant that it looks old
  • At the moment the front is empty but as soon as I get more patches, I will upload more pictures :D
  • Nice one!
  • It was printed in 2016 so its not so old at all.
  • Sick! I love all the bands and how the logos look all together, will you upload pictures from the front?

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