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our birthday We made it !!! 10th Birthday is here!!

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  • Where'd you get the Minenfeld badge? That's pretty neat.
  • Great shirt.
  • Awesomeness!
  • Nice shirt for a great band. I've been listening to their album Plague Black Metal recently.
  • Badass, love the color of the jacket, total old school doom!!
  • Greeeeeeeat stuff here mate!!!!!!!!!!
  • Awesome!!
  • Yeah, I mean Venom headlining Metallica!!! He has some photos of the concert... very nice!
  • Thank you my friend! Cool, it must have been awesome tour to witness.
  • Cheers mate. A true gem for sure
  • Fucking rad dude! \m/
  • I appreciate the South Park patches. I also find it cool how you sew on the wristbands! \m/
  • Super colection!!
  • Tapes for sale - new price
  • thanks mate - 5 years ago . damn time flys. you dont have one?
  • Great to hear, let 'em come!

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