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Recent Comments

  • Ha thanks. Yeah of course!
  • Killer patch. Congrats!
  • LOL
  • No Cats, No Glory
  • Crash Bandicoot is nice :D Did you play the remake for PS4?
  • Hahaha Danke dir, du Angeber :D
  • Sehr, sehr schön, Eure Majestät, Daumen hoch! ;) Flammen gebe ich nur nicht, weil's halt keine Musik ist.
  • Thank you! It was really good but I think I prefer this one better.
  • Hahahaha! XD Freut mich, dass es geklappt hat. Daumen hoch! :) P.S.: Mein Patch ist aber immer noch neuwertig. So! ;-P
  • Very nice patch.
  • Nice, i have the second release with the yellow colorway. ultimately this is the best one tho
  • Cool Album and shirt!
  • I know the feeling man. I still wish I was informed about the NOISE office closing.
  • I'm kicking myself for not getting some of these. Which ad do you speak of?
  • Verdammt starkes Cover, schön interpretiert im Ruins... Stil. Gefällt mir echt gut! Ja fände ich echt super.
  • Awsome. Have this as a Baseballshirt :)

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