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our birthday We made it !!! 10th Birthday is here!!

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Recent Comments

  • Decent start with some great bands. Where did you find that blue-fade GloryHammer patch?
  • Great old school cool, very authentic.
  • Thanks brother! The Emperor patch is sexy as shit, definitely one of the best looking patches in my collection.
  • Good point. Such a shame...
  • Nice.
  • Thanks mate! Yeah I really like this one.
  • Wow! Awesome jacket!
  • Batushka (10x2.5) Peste Noire (8.5x13) I wrote more information in a private message.
  • NeChrist is so overrated. Easily worst album from NM.
  • Really cool!!
  • Nice one, good album!
  • Great!! You should try to dye it black!?
  • Thanks Nater! I agree, each of their albums give you something different. Which one is your favorite?
  • Hell fuck yeah!! Enjoy it!!
  • amazing!
  • That's a REALLY expensive jacket there. I dig that red Hawkwind Patch!!!


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