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Guess this TShirt!

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  • Thanks again!
  • Killer Record !
  • Thanks mate !
  • Its nice, they played several west coast shows this year, Hell and Ash Borer played in Portland.
  • Verdammt nochmal, irgendwie hab ichs gewusst.
  • Thank you for reminding me of old post. The design of this shirt is simple but I like it :)
  • Like Todesking said, it's a killer album!! Five eternal burning flames!!
  • It is not the first time they made mistake there is the gray powerslave tshirt fan club reissue country names on back th
  • https://tshirtslayer.com/patch/megadeth-peace-sells-whos-buying-fake-purple-border-patch-icedminotaur
  • great design!
  • great idea!
  • click the [Ask about a trade or sale] at the top, have some style.
  • I have no words for this beauty...and in mint condition!!!
  • how much would you like for it?
  • Killer shirt! This beast is high on my wantlist.... Five burning flames! Cheers
  • its a great patch and a damn great Record as well .

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