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Recent Comments

  • Killer !!!!!!!!! I have the short sleeve. Never seen the long sleeve before.
  • Awesome bootleg!
  • Thanks mate! It's one of my favourite albums, shame about the fit.
  • Artwork is awesome.
  • Remember going to that concert.
  • Killer shirt, I have five versions of this shirt all of them original but Im missing this one, looks really nice
  • Great shirt for a great album!
  • This shirt is greeeeeat, I have it too /,,/
  • Archgoat BP, Benediction patch, Megaslaughter, Venom GONE!
  • Really cool
  • This is awesome. Are you you don't want to sell this one? Haha
  • Very nice find mate.
  • One can work up a sweat shoveling snow.
  • That's a really nice vest
  • Thanks DoctorDeath - they were amazing live!!
  • Killer, saw them recently in Brisbane.....


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