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  • Danke, danke. \m/
  • Very nice!
  • full flames! great hoodie.
  • very nice
  • That Gorement patch is from the digipak reissue of The Ending Quest, right?
  • simple yet iconic
  • Thanks alot dudes! I think it was a good call not to stud/spike this one. I like it the way it is.
  • Why thank you
  • Why thank you
  • Why thank you
  • pretty cool!!
  • im not sure if everything is and was official, what the guy from Bullshirt is and was selling ;P ..but he have and had g
  • Yeh I missed it unfortunately. And it only sold for around £20. Gutted I missed it.
  • my Bullshirt merchandise 80s magazine shown that was offciail :D
  • Really? I've seen this same one on here before listed as a boot
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