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  • great album and t-shirt
  • Great!!!
  • Damn cool...where did you got that one ???
  • nice...very nice !!!!!!
  • Damn nice...it looks very crude...but actually i like it a lot that way !!!!
  • Any other bands, especially old ones you can recomment from your country ???
  • Fantastic
  • yes man... very sad. They were greatest metal band from my country.
  • Gib ma
  • That is cool. My favorite pre-Human album.
  • Ah, too bad to hear that !!!!
  • good album, second one also not bad (voivod/coroner style progressive thrash/without orginal singer and one lead guitari
  • Cool!
  • Great box!
  • Old band of Glenn Hughes and Dave Holland before they went on to Deep Purple and Judas Priest !!!!!!
  • Old cult band from Lithuania... pretty cool guitarwork i must say !!!
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