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Where would you be without metal?

Tue, 14/08/2012 - 12:29

We have had forum topics on how you found metal, and other similar topics but i dont think this has been done yet.

How do you think your life would have gone if you had never gotten into metal or discovered metal that first time so many years ago?

For me i cant really say, metal has been so ingrained in my life that its really hard to imagine how life would be with out it.

perkele's picture

I think , I would be six feet under or maybe in some mental institution.
Metal helped in a lot of dark times.

meaningless's picture

very well said!

DevilzForce's picture

same here

Croby's picture

true story

wehavearrived49's picture

Well, the military wouldn't have worked out due to many issues (I wanted to be a fighter pilot really bad for many years when I was little. I had an obsession with the F-15 Eagle). I would probably be in a hospital bed infected with A.I.D.S. or something. I'm dead serious on that one. I remember a friend saying to me "dude, you the only guy I know that's not entrapped in a life of needles". I feel the reason why so many in the gay community turn to the swinging life style is because they have no other culture or group to fall back on. That's why I'm all for ones that have something else going on whether that be church, music, or a book club. Just something. That's all some people really need. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. This shit plagues my mind like no tomorrow. I'm not religious but it feels like sort of a blessing to be apart of this culture. With the A.I.D.S. rates sky rocketing again, I'm glad I'm here. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I've been single my whole life so I guess metal is my life partner (corny I know but hey).

Since I got into metal shortly after my father's arrest, my anger problems probably would have gotten out of hand if metal wasn't there. I was a quiet nice boy before his crap with the family. After his arrest, years of repressed anger was unleashed. Heck, I ended up in Juvenal Detention twice around that time. Metal has been a very good mood stabilizer for me. More so than any other damn pill ever has.

Blüdrayne's picture

into hip hop. srs. i used to breakdance and shit. then i just got burnt out on life in general. stopped talking people and started listening to metal. then i started enjoying it. long story actually.

Thrash is my busines's picture

Same here,i used to listen a lot hip hop/rap

LaUlvenDrepe's picture

Unfortunately where I live it's usually one thing or the other. If I would have never discovered or fallen in love with metal, I would have most likely ended up fallen in with the "ganstafication" crowd. Yeah, rap and hip/hop people. But I don't know, many different scenarios could have occurred, that is just the most likely one.

But yes, metal helped me through some really fucked up moments. Moments I still have dreams about (had one this morning, fuck). Yet, I take a deep breath and listen to some metal and my stress is magically relieved.

smash-raptor's picture

i would be miserable. i cant even think what it would be like with no metal. i would probably be a serial killer and live in the middle of the woods or something. and most people think metal causes that, for me it would be the opposite. id end up listening to CCR or ska music

blackstar1965's picture

I'm going to be a bit of a detractor here. Metal has done nothing but ruin my life.

If it wasn't for metal I would be one of the many content white people that works for Google, Apple, or some law office.

Metal turned me into an individual. It turned me into someone that isn't satisfied with the normal way of living. It ruined my relationship with my family at one point. It was one of the reasons my wife left me.

I have metal to thank for all of the trouble I've encountered. However, if it wasn't for metal I would have never gotten through those times.

I'm not sure I would be dead, that's probably a bit extreme. If anything, I'd probably be some generic asshole with a convertible Audi A4 and a Lacoste sweater around his neck.

Plague's picture

I'd prob be into punk if not metal.

IronMason's picture

hahaah same!

COTHRASHER's picture

i'd probably be some nerdy geeky kid and even more anti-social than i already am, fuck if it wasn't for metal i wouldn't have any friends because its usually difficult for me to talk to people but metal at least gives me something to have conversations with people and to build friendships on, i don't know this is a great topic i think

IronMason's picture

I'd probably be really big into punk.
or I'd be a legit jazz musician.
one of the two.

TThrasher's picture


Jawknee's picture

I would also be a major punk, and i would probally be listening to alot more classical music.

BlitzBoaR's picture

Honestly, if it wasn't for metal, I wouldn't be alive. In fact it's one of the few things in life that keeps me alive. It keeps me from harming other people and it keeps me from harming myself.

whiteravenmetal's picture

in a coffin

kertalaaki's picture

I bet I just would listen some Hard Rock/Traditional Rock n' Roll and probably some 80's music haha!!

DeathFuckinMetal's picture

I'd probably be the same as Thrash is my business and Bludrayne and be listening to hip hop/ rap because that's what i listened to before i found metal. But on another note i'd also probably be like alot of the people have said and gone crazy and killed someone or killed myself. Metal has helped me though alot and i can't ever see myself not listening to anything alse but metal.

DeathRipper's picture

The grave. Metal's saved my life more times then I can count.

NocturnalOccultist's picture

listen to UNreal metal and all kinds of mainstream music if i im not into TRUE metal!

CEROXER's picture

SERIAL KILLER,....definitely......

Mr.Something's picture

More than likely dead.

Aussieheadbanger's picture

I would have no idea, I have plenty of other hobbies.. but i got sucked into thrash and hardcore also a lot of punk at a very young age! 7 years old now nearly 20! no other sort of music has ever got me interested..

Bayernpirat's picture


lak89's picture

Probably still listening to nu-metal, alternative rock and punk rock, I still listen to some of that now but if I wasn't into metal that would be all I'm listening to. I'd definitely be less inspired in life I guess, I have other enjoyable hobbies but I would be missing that extra kick in my life that only metal can give me.

MoreGoreLessCore's picture

Porn star. For sure! if not.... possibly a male prostitute

MoreGoreLessCore's picture

But really. not anything really good! probably would have become something like a coroner or policemans or Doctor or something. Looking back I wish I would have spent some nights in Revision rather than going to gigs and/or watching shit horrors.

On the Plus side I have met some of the most amazing people through this music, had inspiration many a time and given myself a brilliant hobby (this patch collecting) as bad as it is on my wallet. I would and could never give this up!

meaningless's picture

i'm with 'perkele'.
Metal helped out in a lot of dark dark times.

if not metal? hm..hard to imagine..maybe into Punk, german hiphop or ...dead.. no idea :P
My life is full of metal..in nearly every situation...
can imagine my life without.. :)

Ironbound's picture

I'd probably be into punk. If not that I'd focus a lot more on visual arts or film.

Deathcore.Is.Not.Metal.'s picture

I'd have a lot more friends, and a lot more people would like me.

Blüdrayne's picture

actually i've thought about that lots too. and yeah, i probably would too. but i'd also probably like myself a lot less.

wehrmacht4000's picture

Probably dead.

BeefCakeAssThrash's picture

jacking off

gambinaviina's picture

I would be derelict

Blüdrayne's picture

actually come to think of it... i left hip hop because i was searching for greater meaning than i really had in life. more meaning than i got with hip hop. i found it in metal, but i guess i could have become a crustie instead. at that point i was huge into early punk. i found real meaning in the nihilistic rebellion in early bands like the voidoids and the sex pistols and such. or perhaps i would have gone to oi instead. i still love oi, especially when i'm down. i dont know. chances are i'd be no happier than i am now though.

Sodomaniac's picture

Wasted? Dunno

Necro Rican's picture

Well, i got into metal thanks to Hot Topic. If that store didn't exist here in Puerto Rico, i most likely probably still be a caco (the term for a reggaeton fan), an hardcore otaku (i still read some manga series but not as much when i was more younger) or be into electronica or dubstep. Metal rescued me from mainstream latin music like bachata (from the dominican republic and its still popular here).

Necro Rican's picture

I wouldn't be into paganism neither had not discovered metal.

hateandwhiskey's picture

probably have a lot more cash

judascrust's picture


nameless_rites's picture


hateandwhiskey's picture

I'd probably hear a hell of a lot better also, without all this damn ringing

emperialmassacre's picture

Without metal or music in general, I would have been dead about 10 years ago. Guns N' Roses, call em whatever you want, Axl's lyrics have helped me through so many dark times.

Nater90's picture

Probably into mainstream Pop haha, Still love Savage Garden & Rick Astley amongst couple of others but very few, Grew up listening to it then when I heard Rock from my Dad I got heavier and heavier as the years went on, Now he wonders what the fuck has he created.

I'd have more money but wouldn't know what to do with it outside of music, skateboarding, girlfriend, Hell...My girlfriend told me she's always wanted to date a proper metal head, So without metal I'd be a loner with a boner...

Metal is fucking life, It's my life!

I don't want a life without Metal.

judascrust's picture

I believe I'd probably be more or less the same, but I'd be listening to a lot of garbage (not that the metal genre isn't chock full of it anyway), I wouldn't be as interested in music as I am with metal, and my sense of humor wouldn't have the dark, warped, nothing-is-sacred quality that I think metal played a big part in shaping when I was a teenager. I guess without metal I'd just be more boring than I already am with metal lol

foresthead's picture

lifeless without metal ...

Chainbreaker's picture

I probably wouldn't be into music, because I never was into anything they play on the radio. I couldn't imagine there was a genre this epic and grand.
It can be I would be dead. Metal got me through some rough spots in my life.
I am not sure if I would be together with my wife either, because she started talking to me because of my long hair.

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

I dunno, probably better off financially since I've gotten into the rare and expensive side of it...
Aside from that, it's hard to wrap my head around it since literally all of my friends (and foes!) came into my life as a result of this shared passion. I probably wouldn't even live where I live right now. It would be a very different life.

imfan1975's picture

I would be bored as hell. I'm glad I discovered it when I did. Like Nator90 said, I could not imagine a life without metal...

Faber's picture

Probably not on Tshirtslayer.

Nater90's picture


Without Metal and DoctorDeath we would all be dead!!!!

All hail Metal and DoctorDeath \m/

Kathulex's picture

I would probably stay more in electronic scenes.

nuclearthrasher666's picture

If I was not into metal today :

1) I would have waaayyy less black t-shirts
2) I would laugh hard if knew that nowdays people pay ridiculous prices for 20 and 30 years old destroyed t-shirts
3) I wouldn't know how to sew
4) I would laugh even harder if knew the insane prices people pay for some little pieaces of cloth (patches...)
5) I would waste my time on facebook or other lame sites insted of TSS
6) I wouldn't give two shits about international registered shipping cost !
7) I wouldn't have a single idea about satanism and occult in general !!!
8) I would probably have short hair
9) I would have waaayyyy more money !!!
10) I would not listen to music
11) I wouldn't know the pure bliss of going to a live gig of your favourite band/artist
12) I would become a boring and miserable human being...


VoodooChild's picture

Enjoying something else.

VoodooChild's picture

and again a zombie it is hahah.

not that I have anything against it, but seems like a trend these days?

kertalaaki's picture

Probably doing something else ? I guess I would be listening more electronic music then. I have plenty of doing without metal, I love it and it's definitely one of the most important things in my life.. But you can't really say where you would be without it. Life is pretty too damn complicated for that.

Joel's picture

I'd probably be listening to (mostly) folk music and European Classical all the time.

Metalmate's picture


Metalmate's picture

And nothing to spend it on :)

PForx's picture

lol who cares

nwobhmbanger's picture

Metal is just something that became a part of me. Even if I hadn't gotten into music, I would've carried on just fine playing video games and watching anime to kill time.

You wouldn't know how much you're missing out on something until you consider it.

Kerry Draconis's picture

Probably listening to classical music or something who knows?

Chemical Burn's picture

Listening to Lana Del Rey while knitting, instead of listening to Sabbat while knitting with some Lana queued for later.

I'd also probably have a lot more money.

Beorn's picture

I'd probably be a lot more aggressive. Metal always helps me get rid of my anger, and I honestly think I would just go around being perpetually pissed if I didn't have it. I guess I'd probably be a punker, too. Not really a suitable replacement, but it's a start.

no karate in pit's picture

probably dead or as stated before me extremely angered all the time

oldmate's picture

Rich AF, but my tshirt and CD collection would both suck

ThatBillyGuy's picture

While idk if i would have more friends or more people would like me but i do know if i had never really got intrested in rock or metal, I highly doubt i would love music as much as i do now. I also wouldn't have started playing drums or guitar since artist like metallica and phil colins inspired me.

andermatten's picture

I'd probably be listening to hiphop & 60s/70s soul more, and a bit of gabber, and maybe italo disco (which is not a bad thing!)

Teutates's picture


Turdburger's picture

I would have more abercrombie friends and less cool friends. Every night i would be eating organic macaroni and cheese in my range rover wasting my life away.. when I COULD BE LISTENING TO METAL and snorting coke with my grandma in her minivan.

metalarchivesripsection's picture

Probably would have ventured into making music for films or video games.

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