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3. 2. 1... sixteen

Tue, 23/05/2023 - 16:02

happy 16th anniversary TSS

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7wfUNzK0J0&ab_channel=TheVoidwithChristina <- stolen without permission , cheers bloodduster \m/

no karate in pit's picture

lines form on my creased patches
lines form from the ups and downs
i'm in the mosh pit without a shirt
im a website with a bday

im 16
and patches are for sale
im 16
i just want you to support
i gotta get away
i've gotta get in that pit
i'll go running in that pit oh yeah
oh yeah yeah

ive got a denim vest with a bunch of patches
took 16 years to get this far
dont always know what im posting about
feels like caught in a mosh
cause im
i get drunk everyday
i just wanna head bang
i gotta buy that thing

lines form from the slayer carvings
lines form cause of kerry king
im in the middle middle of a threesome
im a man with a battlejacket

im 16 and i like it
yes i like it
oh i like it love it
like it love it
16 16 16
16 and im a website

MortalCoil138's picture

Happy 16th TSS :)

no karate in pit's picture

alright this gives us a excuse to drink

Corpsëvile's picture


Arkturean's picture


doctordeath's picture

Woohooo thanks all!!!! TSS is sweet 16, barely legal! \m/ pardeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Morbid-Michael's picture


sfusyron's picture

Salute here's for 16 more..

Ripcordnoise's picture

Cheers n beers for TSS. Happy birthday !.

domskapupil's picture

Sweeeeeetttt sixxxxxteeeeeennnnnn

Doomgarlic's picture

Happy Birthday Tshirtslayer! That's a long time for a site to be around, alive and kicking. Love the confetti. What does Tshirtslayer wish for its birthday, new servers?

Goatfinger's picture

Happy 16th bday TSS!!! Thanks doc for keeping this beautiful place alive!!!

Bitch Butcher's picture

8 years long being here is great! I hardly buy stuff now but I like searching for the stuff I'm sought after and look at other people's colections haha!

DefendAOR's picture

Happy birthday, TSS! Keep on kicking ass! Cheers!

Comella77's picture

16 years and TSS is still alive and well !!!! Thanks Doc , admins and supporters !!!!

mountain6king's picture

Happy Birthday TSS , you rock \m/ Thanks Doc for everything , i'm just closing another deal for another great shirt which will enter my collection ! Cheers !!!!!!!!!!

doctordeath's picture

Don't thank me, your web-browser would give an error WEBSITE NOT FOUND if it was not for you supporters!!! this bday goes out to you all!

Mister Maniak's picture

Cheers to TSS!!! Stay as you are!!!!

Schizo's picture

Happy birthday TSS!

RottingChris's picture

Heavy birthday TSS!

Into Glory Ride's picture

Is TSS officially Jailbait now?

Anyway, 16 years is an impressive accomplishment.
Happy birthday and towards the next 16!


Hendra Saputra's picture

Happy Birthday 16 years TSS !!!

Camp3r's picture

Happy 16 years TSS! Keep rocking on!

datfatboygreen's picture

Hbd, I hope the confetti gets removed because it's annoying just like how my private messages were spammed everyday with the patreon link

Doomgarlic's picture

You must have confetti for a birthday! Crack a beer and cheer up! :)

doctordeath's picture

haha cheer up !

Greaserjlg's picture

Happy Birthday! Glad that I've been here for almost 10 years of it!

Darkvalerious's picture

Congrats for these 16 blasting years, cheers from Central America, where always is Summer.

no karate in pit's picture

lucky down here in minnesota we freeze are ass off yeah you betcha

happy 16th from the north woods

Dante's picture

Happy birthday and cheers! 🍻To the next sixteen years!

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

Cheers to all of us :) !

NocturnalDeath's picture

Happy birthday TSS, best site to archive/trade merch and make friends as well! heres to 16 more

Tzinaka's picture

Thank you TSS and happy birthday!!!

GhastlyDrain's picture

What about the shirts that were supposed to be released at TSS birthday?

Shlager's picture


werewolfhumanmisanthropiclykanthrop's picture

happy b-day tshirtslayer !!!!!!!!!!
cheers !

sandmanforce's picture

Thank you Doc! Happy Birthday for TSS!!!!

invisible-horizons's picture

Sweet 16! Thanks Doctor Death to keep this great site going. Let’s keep it going for another 16 years… \m/

bad_american1992's picture

Another trip around the sun for the greatest website on the internet!!!

ManicValentine97's picture

Happy Birthday

gorestar's picture

Happy birthday TSS!

Bigfoot's picture

Tshirtslayer is now 16 and starting to branch out into listening to some more old school metal. By 17 it will be into 80s german thrash and have thrown away all its Motley Crue and slipknot shirts.

no karate in pit's picture

aah it grew up so fast

oldmate's picture

THank you for all the work over the 16 years you have run the site and for the 10 plus I have been a member!! It has helped me alot with ups and downs in my life !!

Cheers and thank you Doc

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