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What band have you been disappointed in when seen LIVE?

Sun, 05/03/2023 - 15:44

You know that concert that just didn't live up to LIVE as when listened to on CD or LP.

bad_american1992's picture

I caught Sabaton as an opener a while back and they just did not win the crowd over. Also, Marilyn Manson was in pretty rough shape when I saw him too, forgetting words and not really putting an effort into his performance.

Streptococcus's picture

Nekrogoblikon; not a band I ever wanted to see anyways but there was quite a bit of hype around them and it seemed like half of the room was there just to see them. And they sucked the most ass I've ever seen a band suck on stage and all their fans were still going crazy, maybe it's just me for disliking gimickcore who knows haha.

Arch_Caligula's picture

No one told me that Blackie was going to be lip-syncing most of the songs in the set! It was cool when he actually sang the songs (like during "Wild Child"), but unfortunately most of the songs had the vocal track from the albums playing over it. And for having just seen Mercyful Fate kick ass live the week before, it was doubly dissappointing. It makes for a funny story, though.

phantasm's picture

Unfortuntately Blackie wasn’ the only member of the band playing to a track when I saw them on that tour. An actual fucking joke.

Arch_Caligula's picture

Yeah my best friend and guitarist in our band was with me when I saw W.A.S.P. and they pointed out that the guitarist played a pinch harmonic on the guitar without actually playing it. Had a good laugh about that when that happened.

andermatten's picture

Napalm Death. I'd listened to Scum, FETO, Harmony, Mentally Murdered and Utopia before and although they were an incredible experience it did not live up to expectations.

gorestar's picture

Cancer. I saw them live for the first time at MDF 2022 and sadly it was right after Carl Stokes and Ian Buchanan left the band so the only original member left was (and still is) John Walker. Don’t know how to really describe the performance I watched other than it being disappointing. I left about 4 or 5 songs in to wait at the other stage and I watched the rest of their set from afar

no_teleology's picture

Yeah Cancer sucked at MDF, probably them or Massacre were the worst set I saw at that fest.

bad_american1992's picture

Damn... I would have been totally dissapointed had I gone.

gorestar's picture

I was kind of bummed because I ended up missing out on Massacres set but hearing that makes me feel better I wasn’t able to see them at last years MDF 😂

bad_american1992's picture

Razor at California Death Fest 2016 was a shit show. A couple other TSS members were there and will probably back me up. I think it was just a bad day for them honestly.

MortalCoil138's picture

That's interesting, was there anything they did in particular that was shitty that night? or were they just not feeling it?

bad_american1992's picture

They had a lot of Spinal Tap moments this show... all of their gear was malfunctioning (this always happens at the Oakland Metro), they started like 20 minutes late all pissed off and then a stage diver knocked the guitarist into the drum kit and they were all threatening to "stop the show" rah rah rah. Everyone I've talked to who's seen them after said they were on point, so I think this was just a bad night at a bad venue with a bad crowd.

MortalCoil138's picture

That's a shame, doesn't sound entirely their fault though. I guess they dropped the torch on that one (haha get it?)

BloodFireDeath's picture

Have actually heard about this show firsthand from some friends in the scene here and they all had pretty much the same story. Oakland Metro Shows have always been hit or miss but I do wish they'd bring CA DeathFest back to the bay!

Dr. Wilbur Graves's picture

Omen. Of course doesn't compare to album but even compared to recent live videos it was quite bad. They had two vocalist. The other had lost his voice and other didn't quite know the songs.

Lord Cthulhu's picture

Didn't actually see them, but I was listened to the live broadcast of Whitesnake at Donington 1990 and boy did they suck. It was in the period Steve Vai was in the band, so not only had they forsaken their traditional blues roots (and most of their decent songs), but David Coverdale was sounding like shit and the band seemed to rely on false finishes and other nonsense to provoke a reaction from the crowd. Shocker.

Cardboardcity's picture

Ulver at the 2011 edition of Damnation Festival were abysmal. Granted, I don't care for much of their oeuvre but they sound checked forever and then mostly played War of the Roses material, which isn't a favourite.

Chameleonsvox at Rebellion 2019 were a shambles, which is a shame as they were great the two previous times. Mark Burgess was trollied and kept shit talking the audience because they were headlining the seated opera house. Musically they were competent, but the mood of their music doesn't translate when the vocalist won't stop slagging the audience!

madbutcher's picture

Deicide back in 2002. Benton was drunk and behave like a total asshole not only to the fans but even to his own band. After that i lost every interest forr them even if their debut album is one of my top 5 death metal releaces

Queen Catsie's picture


And to a smaller extent, Corrosion of Conformity, but the latter wasn’t a poor performance on their end by any means. The venue just had shit sound.

Brendon's picture

Electric wizard i was so fucking stoked to see them and the band sounded great but you could hear absolutely no vocals and people kept yelling at the sound dude but it continued the entire set and you could tell jus was getting fucking pissed. Not electric wizards fault but still my biggest concert letdown.

bad_american1992's picture

Nothing tanks a concert like a crappy sound engineer.

no karate in pit's picture

wow almost all the concerts ive been to fall into this category except poison,Joan jet,def leppard,hair ball,

the suckiest would be motley crue my hate for that band started when i saw them during there stadium tour with def leppard, my god mick mars could barely stand up,nikki was the only talent,tommy was wasted as usual, and Vince looked like a hooker pig and sang like one too. honesly i couldn't understand one word he was singing and all i wanted was for Nicholas cage to shut him up again. the other band i wasn't impressed with was bon jovi but i dont hate them cause it was just the setlist that was bad they sang good but they only played there new music no 80s so i got no never say good bye or runaway or blaze of glory, but ill give him credit for having lung issues and still putting on a ok show( but then again dio closed the biggest metal concert while suffering from throat cancer)

Kofuv6's picture

Testament, seen them 2 times and left both times after a couple songs, horrible live, good thing Gene left and hopefully Steve will leave as well soon

primordial_hordes's picture

Virgin Steele at Up the Hammers festival some years ago. DeFeis was worst than a cat

Into Glory Ride's picture

He sounds like a guinea pig with love sickness these days sadly.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Only good things about the dead, but: Sanctuary with Dane. That was disappointing as fuck.

On the other hand: Sanctuary with Joseph Michael. They played Refuge denied from start to finish plus a bit of ITMB and it was one of the best concerts of my life.

Allpathsendthesame's picture

Kreator was extremely low energy when I last saw them, particularly the Mille songs. Could have just been an off night but Mille barely "sang". He just, like, talk-slurred the lyrics.

Pascal1976's picture

Yes I agree.
I saw them
A few years ago and it was a flat out boring experience. Such a lack of joy and energy with these guys. When I think about it I’m still disappointed.

no karate in pit's picture

hey guys does metallica put on a good show still cause i hope to see them in 2024, but if they are usually shit might as well not see them

cza2129's picture

Metallica is still very tight...and their shows are great. STILL.

no karate in pit's picture

k thanks man,hell yeah my fav bands not shit wooohoo

no karate in pit's picture

haha oh i was so young in metal back then

ThatBillyGuy's picture

I saw them in November and they were amazing both nights so definitely try to see them

cza2129's picture

I saw them last year in Vegas in Alegiant Stadium (Home of the Raiders) huge stadium but still not big enough for their sound. Great Set List
2Ride the Lightning
3The Memory Remains
4Seek and Destroy
7Sad But True
8Moth Into Flame
9Wherever I May Roam
10For Whom the Bell Tolls
11Creeping Death
12Fade to Black
13Master of Puppets
15Nothing Else Matters
16Enter Sandman
They will be promoting the NEW Album this coming tour though, so I imagine they will be playing songs from that as well as classics. DON'T MISS IT !

no karate in pit's picture

those are some bangers i hope they play harvester of sorrow but it sounds like no matter what it will be a good show

MortalFate's picture

Learn to read. What band has DISAPPOINTED you. Lol @ supporting new Metallica but buying merch from bands you don't care for and ripping people off.

frankie530's picture

Marilyn Manson was pretty trash live when I last saw him in 2018

Darklord's picture

Never seen MM but good to know !

frankie530's picture

Sad to say cuz in high school I really loved him but he gets high/drunk asf before his shows and is so bad live but he hasn’t done a show since 2019 I think so who know how he is now

SimplSurvival's picture

I agree. I saw him about 10 years ago and it was just embarrassing... He was absolutely smashed and obnoxious

frankie530's picture

Oh for sure. I’m sure in 1999 he probably was great and entertaining to see live. But recent years is just embarrassing himself and people that paid to see him I probably wouldn’t go see another of his shows

sandmanforce's picture

Tiamat at Brutal Assault festival some years ago...the singer Johan was terrible

CEROXER's picture

I have seen them several times, one of those times the vocalist sang as if he were dragging his voice and out of time.

bad_american1992's picture

I've heard lackluster things about Tiamat live... their MDF 2017 set seemed great though, from the videos I saw. I think he's just a moody gentleman.

Dan's picture

Metallica in '04 in Amsterdam was ok..they only played the 1st 4 albums.
Slipknot and Korn as starters..Korn fucking sucked as to be expected.
Now Slipkot on the otherhand...I hate that band but if I tell you they performed a goddamn good live gig that was even better then 'tallica...you'd not believe me..yet they did...So...answer in short..Korn (Shite band anyways) and...Sepultura in '96 was fucking shit too.
Dummy Burger at WOA '08 I believe was hilarious too..all the crowd moved over to the Machinehead stage...which was a blast laughing...

Edit...Endstille without Iblis on the vocals but with Mannevond who filled in...I dunno...As an Iblis fanboy I was disappointed as fuck....

no karate in pit's picture

04 not the year for metallica

000blank's picture

>they only played the 1st 4 albums

That's all I'd want to hear from them!

MrCrispy13's picture

I was unimpressed by either Exodus or Yngwie in '85, Crue in '88, Ozzy in '97, In Flames but for sound reasons in '00 when they opened for Slayer who was great. I dont mention openers or bands where I just didnt care for the music. These were shows where the band just failed for whatever reason. Venues can suck but when two bands play the same night, same venue and only one sucks...its the band.

Darklord's picture

Ive been told Yngwie is an acquired taste....

Greaserjlg's picture

My friend went to a show on the Holy Shred Tour when Steve Vai, Yngwie, Zakk Wylde, and some other guitarists all played in one night. He said he was burnt out by the time Yngwie took stage and left 20 minutes into his set.
Watching someone jerk off all over their instrument for an hour sounds boring to me, but I guess some people dig it.

CEROXER's picture


nosws4me's picture

Queensryche was very bland both times I saw them. The first time was them alone, Fates Warning was supposed to open but they didn’t even show up. But goddamn QR was soooo boring. They mainly played newer stuff and I could just fall asleep during it. The second time around they were opening for Priest and although they had a great set, it was just meh.

Yngwie wasn’t bad performance-wise, but I was front row and he kept on staring at me. It was absolutely terrifying honestly. And I got kind of bored by the middle of his set

The absolute WORST show I’ve ever been to wasn’t metal, but it was the second time I saw Kansas. The first time was amazing, but damn were they boring this second time around. I fell asleep halfway through their set, I woke up to Carry On Wayward Son so yeah I just woke up at the end of their show

Honorable mentions of terrible opening bands that I’ve never heard of;

Kurt Deimer was a doozy. I saw him open for Geoff Tate the last time I saw him (who weirdly enough I enjoy more live than actual QR) and GOD was he fucking awful. Off key and he just had a shitty stage presence. I just wanted him to get off stage

The absolute WORST band I have EVER seen live was this piece of shit band called Sexy Suzn Project. They opened for Angel and HOLY FUCKING SHIT. They are GOD FUCKING AWFUL. They just played all these terrible acoustic classic rock covers and A FUCKING ACOUSTIC FFDP COVER. Their set was so insanely long and I just wanted them to get the fuck off. The first opening band that night was great but FUCK SEXY SUZN. Angel was awesome though so it kind of made up for it but I will never forget that fucking bullshit I sat through. Also I got a splinter from the stage during their set so yeah that put the salt in the wound for that shit

Tormentor's picture

Without doubt my worst live experience was VON at the Armageddon festival in London back in 2010.
The anticipation for their set was very high and from the moment they walked out on stage, you could just tell it was going to be a literal shut show. Honestly, it was like being present at their first rehearsal. I think they might have ruined their legacy right then and there that night. They did for me anyway.

MortalCoil138's picture

Limp Bizkit. I saw them for free and still felt ripped off. I saw them because I think they're a joke, so even going in with no expectations I was still disappointed. Fred Durst had no energy and the whole band was so lethargic.

oldmate's picture

For me it was Napalm Death. I have seen them a few times live and I am for whatever reason never really impressed.

schönheit-der-natur's picture

Sisters of Mercy this evening. Horrible.

Blade of Tokyo's picture

Sadly Exciter in 2019, maybe it simply wasn't a good day for them, but Dan Beehler was like having a heart attack behind the drums and couldn't even sing properly. (I know it's hard to sing while playing the drums, but you couldn't enjoy that)
Also testament last year, but that was the soundguys mistake - at first it was much to quiet and after the soundguy noticed the crowd wanted to have it louder, it was so loud you couldn't here any clean Note.

But I've seen both bands before and those were great concerts. Everybody have bad days I guess.

MorticiA's picture

Iron Maiden 2019. Not only did our seats SUCK and the the timing for the speakers for the nose bleed section was off and garbled but half the band was not on their A-game; must have been jet lag. Dave Murray didn't play any familiar guitar solos, it was all random, and Nikko messed up twice. But, Dave was probably the weirdest of the entire night. I dunno if he's always played solos that never matched their albums, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

For some reason, Bruce ain't big on Weed, and saw fit to criticize the US/SF-Bay Area (Oakland) crowd that they smoke too much Pot. Hello? It's the Bay Area? You can walk down the main streets for miles and catch a whiff of Grass somewhere. Granted, I agree with him to a point, cause it's like everyone in the front are just staring at the Band instead of Rocking out, and whether it's those damn phones or not, it seems like there's a culture shift in the pits; then again, it's Iron Maiden, not SLAYER, or Napalm Death, Morbid Angel. Etc... Still, as a Musician, I like seeing the crowd acting crazy, gives me energy.


MetalNDN's picture

I saw Bad Brains in Spokane 1995. They were garbage. The vocalist sat down cross legged middle of the stage. After the third song, he got up and walked off stage and never returned, the rest of the band left as well.

The opening band was Def Tones who didn’t even have a record out yet at the time. Def Tones were great.

Chino after the show was handing out free cassettes to anyone who wanted one. He said, we got a album coming out soon, check it out.

Deadbeats's picture

Manowar in Växjö Sweden 2000 (monsters of the millennium) He couldnt sing, just screamed so he sounded like Danny Filth but worse

Insecurity's picture

falling in reverse- they were opening for avenged sevenfold i had to sit through that BS. Avenged sevenfold started out rough though. Speakers on my side of the arena wasn't working for the first 2 songs. Living Colour blew them away even though they couldn't even sound check. That whole show was a mess

Darklord's picture

GNR, mainly Axl, can't sing anymore (voice is shot) was terrible.

klenha's picture

marduk on brutal assault, was great, but fog was all over the fucking stage and the audio was terrible. not marduks fault, though

MortalFate's picture

I'll be honest. Mercyful Fate's drums were way too loud during the 2022 tour. Went to 2 shows on that tour. Made me wonder if the band is dealing with a hearing loss.

nameless_rites's picture

In Flames were probably the worst live band I've ever seen

egoexmachina's picture

The incredible shitty Limp Bizkit karaoke-concert in Frankfurt (05. April 2023).
I was totally disapointed.

Watch the full show here...

Spectrum's picture

Nocturnal: Saw them 3-4 times with diferent line ups and in diferent years and always sucked. Can't understand why people is crazy with that band.

metalarchivesripsection's picture

Godsmack opening for Metallica

ZillaMunster's picture

Last time I saw Black Flag.

The whole set was bad, beginning to end;
They showed up an hour and half late, didn't do a sound check when they got on so in the middle of songs they were throwing hand signs to the sound guy, did that for most of the show. Pretty sure the bass never played through the speakers, must've only gone to his ear piece. They also were supposed to play My War in its entirety, then after a small intermission play some hits and other assorted tracks. They ended up showing up so late they only played My War and then left, didn't even say goodnight or thanks for coming out. They just walked off stage and didn't come back. A lot of people waited for them thinking it was part of the intermission, but when the venue staff came out and said it was done I remember the whole crowd booing and throwing drinks at the stage.

I ended up paying more for parking than I did for the show, so its not like it was an expensive show or anything. But I definitely remember walking out of the venue thinking it was probably one of the worst shows I've ever seen. Plus I grew up listening to a lot of punk, especially Black Flag, so to see them do that left a bad taste in my mouth AND I used to skateboard all the time, grew up watching Mike V compilations of him fighting mall cops and skating, so I thought it would be so cool to see him perform.

I guess moral of the story is don't meet your idols. You like a band from the 80's? Leave them in the 80's lol.

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