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        • True & Canada is getting almost impossible to get into. We actually have many bands kicked out on the border.
        • That's because I'm not in possession of a proper camera. ;D
        • I hope so.
        • Satyricon announced it on numerous music sites that they were done touring the US because it's getting more difficu
        • Thats what I like about Type O Negative.
        • Very nice :)
        • Yes I still have that copied tape that I bought when the album was released. I was around 13 years old :) Blew my mind.
        • very nice
        • Yeah you know very young people. Still got their mojo going :)
        • Grey is good too...better than some of those red ones...those destroy my eyes :)
        • You're taking it far too literally I think.
        • me too :-)
        • tough
        • I wish it would be black, rather then burnt-out vintage grey, but even with grey it works perfect for me.
        • Totally! "Slaughter" is full of melody, nevertheless it's heavy at the same time.
        • yes of course. 100% it's a punk & metal classic!!


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