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Confessions Of An Angry Metalhead

Thu, 11/11/2021 - 17:49

I seem to no longer be able to find my initial thread so I'm starting a new one. However, for those of you who've never seen me here before, I'm the owner of a blog called Confessions Of An Angry Metalhead, where I rant about music, weightweightlifting, and other random thoughts.

My newest article, released two nights ago, also comes with my very first podcast, which you can listen to here. Don't forget to subscribe. Here's my own, personal take on Metallica's Being A Band Masterclass series.


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Here's my delayed tribute to the single greatest Batman of all time, Kevin Conroy.


Click here and you'll also find the link to the Podcast if you'd rather listen.

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Here;s my latest artcle/podcast covering the second of three times I saw Motorhead live, and the only time I saw them as a headliner. This took place at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ.

The Article: https://metalheadconfessions.com/2023/03/06/godsalottaller/

The Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7HosxjO4fNR5kBsKyfoPN0?go=1&sp_cid=5e97...

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Cool that Lemmy would acknowledge God but just a heads up; "Allah" is Arabic for "God". Literally translates to "The God".

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My latest article, a response to the news that Spotify will not be increasing their royalty rates in the midst of impending fee hikes, was released last week. I'm leaving the links here.

The Article: http://metalheadconfessions.com/2023/07/30/buythefuckingrecord/

The Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4exenBlcFsPpCY2ruQZb24?si=d4a3c3bce7fa49cd

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After experiencing a lethal combination of caffeine and a genuine disgust for people, I finally wrote a philosophy behind Lift with Hatred, something I first wrote about in 2018. Click any link of your choice to either read or hear what I have to say, you tell me if and why you think you belong...



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I don't know why; but I wrote an article last month and forgot to drop the link here. So, here's my...eulogy...to Jimmy Buffet, along with a list of the damage he's caused to society with the help of his shitty music, whether it was his raping and pillaging of the Florida Keys, to his influence on drunk, privileged suburban America. Sadly, the two go hand in hand.

The article: http://metalheadconfessions.com/2023/09/03/margaritaville/

The podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/55yIeQnchLdK8QmpohB5pa?si=5334f20fae2d4929

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Not cool dissing the Buffett my dude

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Sure it is!

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My new blog/podcast is out now. In this one, we're covering my first Black Label Society concert in April 2005. I'd seen them months earlier; but it was Ozzfest, so it therefore wasn't a proper BLS concert. It also holds some significance as this show took place just under five months after Dimebag was murdered, thus that was going to dictate the show's atmosphere a bit.

The article: http://metalheadconfessions.com/2023/10/26/blsstarland1

The podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3xWtV5RaX4DlVqZpfexyKv?si=8b9feb7f80b84c55

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I released my final article/podcast of the year last night. Click below to either read or hear about the last gig I ever played with my first ever Metal band in 2005.

The article: http://metalheadconfessions.com/2023/12/28/lastgigwithvanguard/

The Angry Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1i9114jwG8cSfHRtUVWnAh?si=44f517e41dd84366

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I wrote an article regarding the sudden departure of Jeff Loomis from Arch Enemy. THIS is officially my last article/podcast of 2023.

The Article: http://metalheadconfessions.com/2023/12/30/howjeffgothisballsback/

The Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4XraLOH3wBoYODrydfrcP1?si=3f2a267753a244c0

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My newest article/podcast covers last week's Shadows Fall concert in Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ, where the band performed their landmark album, The War Within, in its entirety.

The article: http://metalheadconfessions.com/2024/03/24/warwithin20/

The podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3bbXN3IOCFnQe4YVPsK4CI?si=f35a3ae7e2da428d

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