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Wed, 30/09/2015 - 23:06

Hey there. So I write a blog called Confessions Of An Angry Metalhead. I post new stuff whenever I can. I talk about a bunch of things from concerts I've seen to the bands that fucked me up for life to random thoughts, etc.

I just made a new post last night talking about my first ever Iron Maiden concert at Madison Square Garden in 2003. The openers? Motorhead and Dio. I doubt any other reason to check it out is needed. Heh.



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New post up now. Ever have the one piece of gear that caught everybody's attention? Well here's my story about a guitar I bought eleven years ago that still turns heads like it did then.


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I have the same guitar, only its in black. Nothing stands out for me. Sweet looking ass, i mean axe..

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Haha! Thanks man.

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New post up now. This is a quick tribute to "Philthy Animal" Taylor, who passed way today at just 61 years old. Gone with him is a member of the classic Motorhead lineup. Rest in Peace brother. \m/\m/


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New post up now! Here's a quick list of the next few shows I'm going to in the NY, NJ area.


If you're going to be at any of these and want to meet up feel free to drop me a line!

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New post up now! This is my review of King Diamond's November 20th show in NYC, where he played Abigail in it's entirety for the first time ever. It was his second of four sold out shows in the area and all I can say is he's STILL got it! \m/\m/!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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New post up now. I got tickets to see Corrosion of Conformity at the last minute and the show was absolutely fucking brutal.

https://metalheadconfessions.wordpress. ... tre-12415/

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New post up now. This is my tribute to the King.


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New post up now. Just a few random thoughts from my success with Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 for powerlifting to my take on Lemmy's memorial service.


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New post up now. Here I remember when Megadeth's remixed and remastered debut album kicked my ass over and over again, and I also announce my first ever powerlifting meet happening in May.


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I have complains about some of the latest coloured vinyl editions.People do make mistakes as machines.But most recently i got a coloured vinyl edition in of Satyricon's, live at the opera, as the vinyl showed some terrible mistakes on the side of the machine on...would advice to go for the black edition instead...

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New post up now. In it are two video uploads of me playing some riffs including my own as well as my brief thoughts on the Phil Anselmo/Dimebash situation.


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New post up now. I share Thursday night's leg workout, how a piece of shit in the gym motivated my workout, and my thoughts on the IPF's pathetic fixation on acting as if Ed Coan never existed.


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New post up now. Here's my review of Black Sabbath's Madison Square Garden show from last night. They were incredible. Fuck - even Ozzy sounded good!


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New post up now. This is an update on my training for my first ever Powerlifting meet, happening in less than two months as well as a taste of what I've been listening to in order to get my blood boiling by the time I get in the gym.


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New post up now. Click here to see the new Nails video (wow this shit is BRUTAL!) as well as my first ever training video as I get closer to my first ever powerlifting meet.


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New post up now. Here are my memories of seeing Shadows Fall during what would be my final trip to L'Amour in Brooklyn before it closed down months later. Also included is a video of me squatting 235lbs for 6 without a belt.


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New post up now. In this post are links to two new original songs I just uploaded this past week and more powerlifting progress.


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New Random Thoughts post up now. In it are links to my YouTube upload of Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind, my newest Deadlift video two weeks out from my first powerlifting meet on May 21st, as well as why I don't blame Ozzy for cheating on $haron...as if anyone does.


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this forum topic keeps catching my eye, and then i click on it and remember it wasnt written for metalheads to come confess, bitch and complain about everyday life experiences, i really wish that it was. Someone should create this.

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Hi. I'm not sure if this is a compliment or a suggestion that I'm using this forum to complain. If you're implying that I'm using this forum and my blog to complain then I'm afraid that's not my intention. I was looking for a way to write about the stuff that's on my mind with no filter and possibly entertain some of you. If not then I'm sorry. If you're saying that someone should make a forum to rant like I do in my blogs then hey that sounds kind of cool. Anyway, I hope you've found some entertainment in my posts. If not, then I'm sorry. Take care pal.

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New post up now. In it are links to my upload of the first Megadeth album - the original not the 2002 remix - as well as my final squat video a week out from my powerlifting debut on Saturday May 21st, 2016.


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New post up now. I wasn't going to put up anything new for a few more days until I woke up this morning to the horrible news that Nick Menza died last night. Here's my tribute.


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New post up now. Come check out the results of my first ever powerlifting meet at last weeks RPS Jersey Rumble, including pictures and a video. I also have a few things to say about the way Dave Mustaine is handling Nick Menza's tragic death. Two words: damage control.


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New post up now...and it's a doozy! Anyone here living in New York City? Anyone here ever take the A train? I do everyday and here's a little rant about my feelings for this once glorified piece of shit.



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I want to start reviewing EPs, albums and demos from new and upcoming metal bands for my blog. I've reviewed CDs in the past for my college radio station and have even conducted interviews for my old show including L..A. band Cerberus and ex-Venom guitarist Mykus; I want to start doing that again and just maybe help out some real good bands. Are you out there?

If you are reading this and know of any good underground bands worth listening to or are in a band and want me to check you guys out hit me up! I'm looking for anyone playing Death Metal(especially the really brutal shit!), Black Metal (nothing symphonic or with any keyboards please!), Thrash, Sludge, Grindcore or anything with a crust influence.

I'll also need whatever links you can give me so I can use them to promote the bands, should I choose to review them.

Hope to hear from you!

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New post up now. I restarted powerlifting training and posted two new videos for you to see as well as the new Nails video for "Savage Intolerance". June 17th isn't coming quick enough!


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Two new posts up now. Click these two links for my first underground review of Madrid based Feel No Pain's new demo, First God Of The Earth, and the new, breakthrough Nails album, You Will Never Be One Of Us.



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As of a few days ago Confessions Of An Angry Metalhead now has a facebook page. From what I'm lead to understand I cannot get a real URL for a while so click this link and "like" my page to quicker updates on new posts and videos.


Thanks again and be on the lookout for my next conert post on Ozzfest 2004!

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New post up now on my day at Ozzfest 2004 in Camden, NJ. On the bill? Black Label Society, Superjoint Ritual, Slayer, a reunited Judas Priest and....a Rob Halford-fronted Black Sabbath?!?! How did that happen??? And does it matter? It's Rob Halford!! But if you really want to know then I guess you'll have to read like everybody else. :P


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New post up now with a rundown of all the shows I'm going to this summer. If you're in the NY or Philly area and are also going to any of these shows contact me. Maybe we can get together.


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New post up now featuring new original music, new powerlifting videos and updates on future music reviews.


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New post up now, covering Anaka's hometown show this past Saturday at the Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn, NY.


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I was approached by Helix Nebula from Spain about reviewing their debut album over a week ago; finally got around to it this afternoon. Check it out if you're into Progressive Death Metal. I'm not, by the way. I just wanted to flex my musical knowledge.


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New post up now. I visited the legendary, hardcore, badass Diamond Gym in Maplewood, NJ yesterday and even included a video of the leg workout I did. If you call yourself a serious lifter and are in the area you'll go there at least once.


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I found out two weeks ago that an ex-guitarist of mine took his own life down in Missouri back in March. Here's my tribute to him, including a cover of "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" in his memory. If you're reading this and you're going through problems, do yourself a favor and talk to someone. Anyone.


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Here's my response to a lot of the so-called playlists I see on some websites, as well as the weak excuse for adrenaline pumping music I hear in most gyms. Some lifters truly need to grow some balls.


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New post on my beginnings as a college DJ. The show would serve as a basis for this very blog. Who knew?


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I'm in total rant mode tonight. Anybody here live in NYC? Anyone here a former resident like myself? Anyone here disgusted as I am at it's near total loss of uniqueness compared to other cities all for the sake of making a few bucks? Then by all means read on!


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Here's my report on last night's awesome show with Angel Vivaldi and Gus G at The Studio at Webster Hall in NYC.
Two videos included.


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Found an article on Tyranny of Tradition that was so good I had to repost it on my own page. I've reposted a few of this guy's posts in the past and when you see this you'll clearly understand why!


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New post up now! Here are some gym no-no's I really hate as well as my thoughts on Nails being so fucking illusive.


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New underground review available on my site now! If you're into ambient, experimental black metal then this is for you.


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My final post for the year is now up for you all to see. This is my pick for 2016 Album Of The Year, and if you've been reading my blogs it should be painfully obvious what that pick is.


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I have to admit, this is really quite entertaining.

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Good to see. \m/\m/

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I'm back! Kind of. Here's my first post of the year, featuring a Jim Welder article so good I had to repost it.


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New post of now. Here's a nice, long, very pissed off rat about the bottle flipping bullshit that's taken over schools worldwide. By the way I work in a school so I definitely have some stories to tell here.


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I have two new posts for you, primarily because I forgot to give you all the link to my last post a few days ago. So the first link is to my tribute to the late Chris Cornell and why I feel his death has signaled the true end of Grunge. The second link is two my newest post, just finish a minute ago, covering my experience at the RPS Jersey Rumble. This was my second powerlifting meet.



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I'm back! Here's my first new music review in a while, my take on Municipal Waste's comeback album, Slime And Punishment, and why I feel they NEED to stick to this formula to ensure any kind of musical consistency for years to come.


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Just four days away from the 25th anniversary of it's release, here's my latest post covering the heroin soaked exercise in Sabbath worship that is Alice In Chains' masterpiece, Dirt.


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Here's my Album Of The Year blog. I had a difficult time writing this as I had a lot of shit to choose from. You should click on the link below to see the results:


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Hey--just wanted to say: I really enjoyed your RIP NYC article. What did your pops tell the girl who wanted him to sign the petition against the building he was putting up? haha. Really good insights man. I'll be reading more. Cheers!

mike584's picture

Thanks for reading! Honestly, I don't remember. I remember him telling me he laughed at her because she had no idea who she was talking to. Either he didn't tell me or he might've just walked away from her after that. Best answer I could think of.

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Here's my latest article, paying tribute to the late, great "Fast" Eddie Clarke, and the beautiful filth he brought to the Motorhead sound. Still so surreal that all three members of the classic lineup are gone now....


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Here's my latest article covering Slayer's Farewell Tour announceent...as to why this should've been done nearly five years ago.


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My latest article is up now. It's my review of the newly released Batman: Gotham By Gaslight on DVD/Blu Ray.


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Latest article of Random Thoughts up now for you all to check out.


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