What Are You Listening To Right Now!

non-existent userFri, 18/03/2011 - 22:45

Just for the hell of it post what your listening to right now

Enjoy this thread as a YouTube playlist! Aaaah!

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Can you guess which metal tshirt this is from?

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  • Messiah is, well, the messiah! Shame he hasn't made new music in a long time. It's a waste of talent.
  • Love pendants like this and this logo works great!!!!
  • This is cringe and youre going to hell
  • Digging the Moonsorro backpatch!
  • Yeah, it certainly is!!!
  • Yeah nah this one is a keeper that’s for sure!
  • Beutiful!
  • Cheers lads, indeed the arrwork, the layout and colour theme are unique on this one and what an album
  • Nice, I've never seen a Give Out But Don't Give Up shirt before.
  • Oh yes please!
  • Damn this is awesome!
  • Oh I need this. Take my money.
  • Hell yeah!
  • Full flames for building your own vest! I like what you did with the Arkona patch it looks good.
  • Damn this is intense! Probably the most unholy thing ive seen on hear! Absolutely love it great work.
  • Thanks!

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