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What Are You Listening To Right Now!

Fri, 18/03/2011 - 22:45

Just for the hell of it post what your listening to right now

Wormwood's picture

Twisted Sister - Burn in Hell

anthonydn2011's picture

some Swedish Death metal bands currently such as Unleashed, Entombed, Nihilist, Carbonized, Edge Of Sanity, At The Gates, Carnage, Seance, Dismember, Murder Squad... shit is still awesome since early 90's! :P \m/\m/

thrashtildeathandtoeternity's picture

same here. listening to shadows in the deep

ThomasMustaine's picture

Best stuff! Indecent and Obscene and Left Hand Path are hands down in my top 10! Discovered Desultory's first album the other day, top stuff!

ProtectorOfMegadeth's picture

Have you ever heard Crematory from Sweden? Denial is a very good EP, one of the more brutal Swedish bands

ThomasMustaine's picture

I actually just discovered them today yeah!

Distanz666's picture

Dude you have to check out Infester, you'll love it!

eosvensen's picture

Have you heard Dimmu Borgir's version?

Metal Militia's picture

That cover by Dimmu Borgir is freaking Awesome, the perfect ending for a fantastic album.

JerMz's picture

New Vader. Also recently picked up (again) Laaz Rockit "Annihilation Principle" cd/dvd.

AstralBitch666's picture

Spirit adrift - curse of conception album
Song : graveside invocation


New Fetid Album steeping corpeal mass

Deadbeats's picture

Black Sabbath - After All (The Dead)
Dehumanizer 1992 With DIO

BabyEviscerator's picture


metalhead12's picture


eddiethehead666's picture
Blüdrayne's picture

i love the dance! it looks awesome fun...

eosvensen's picture

Aaw yes, the doom dance with Per "Dead" Ohlin!

Mental-Vortex's picture

Holy Moses - Torches of Hire

Skunkspritz's picture

Electric Wizard - I, the Witchfinder

wedgelord666's picture


xSquiggs's picture

Tyrant's Reign - Tyrant's Reign

whiteravenmetal's picture

Hallows Eve - Metal Merchants
Candlemass - Bewitched
Destruction - The Killing Machine
Kreator - Command of the Balde
Kreator - Pleasure to Kill
Exumer - Fallen Saint
Dream Theater - A fortune in Lies
W.A.S.P. - Hellion
Overkill - Drunken Wisdorn
The Clash - London Calling
Metal Church - Highway Star
Wehrmacht - Napalm Shower
Demon - Victims of Fortune

Wormwood's picture

All at the same time!

whiteravenmetal's picture

yes I am a madman... of course not bro, just Itunes random music, a few songs that hear this afternoon since I'm in the page, now I'm hearing radio, an Adrian Smith interview.

Bayernpirat's picture

AMON AMARTH the whole time for my dead friend
t5he fate of norns awaits us all

JJS666's picture

Their last release kicks ass.

Nabrotzky's picture

Municipal Waste Waste Em All Vinyl. Somewhere on side two!

TheKhomaniac's picture

Lääz Rockit - Chain of Fools

Axeman's picture

Good shit!! I love laaz rockit!

Kuivausrumpu's picture


lak89's picture

Good song :D

whiteravenmetal's picture

W.A.S.P. - Animal(Fuck like a Beast), live at the Lyceum
Iron Maiden - Sign of the Cross

SacredTutor's picture

Some bathory.

ShieldbitersValhalla's picture

Offertorium(Moldova) - Onhe Dich.

Adrian's picture

Exciter - Death Machine

This album is great!

COTHRASHER's picture

Edguy, Arrows fly

thrashbabe85's picture

Graveyard, Hisingen Blues. And I just discovered this band. They are fucking awesome!

Bawarrior's picture

Hell, they are

Kvltdad's picture

Fucking good album

BeheadingN's picture

Jeg snører min sekk - Glittertind

ShieldbitersValhalla's picture

Haha, skiing punk! Great song!
(edit: haha I don't where the hell I got skiing from way back when I made this comment, sorry)

BeheadingN's picture

It's alright, I get what you mean, I was a little confused when you said 'skiing' at the time. :P

megadeth1818's picture

Odin's hammer by mutant disease and over the mountain

COTHRASHER's picture


metalhead12's picture

ya man, punk/ska

DeathFuckinMetal's picture

Necrophobic The Nocturnal Silence album i recently received in the mail, it's such an awesome old school Swedish Death Metal album.

ThomasMustaine's picture

Amen to that! I just ordered it 20 minutes ago! Has to be in my top 3 Swedish albums!

Seducer's picture

Satanic Corpse
Porky Vagina
Grave Desecrator
1987-1997 The Best of Morgoth
The Deadtrip
Enslaved-Axioma Ethica Odini

SatanicGutsFuck's picture

porky vagina? thats some kvlt pornogrind<<

Headbanger_'s picture

Megadeth-Peace sells-The conjuring

bls-georg-pantera's picture

rezet - the toxic avenger
and a couploe of seconds ago never gonna give you up... DAMN YOU RICKROLL XD

metalhead12's picture


DeathFuckinMetal's picture

Amon Amarth's new album Surtur Rising on kicsi1977's channel on youtube, 7 songs in, sounds awesome so far. Gonna definately buy this album when it comes out.

lak89's picture

Near Death Condition - In The Name Of The Destructive Storm God.

vomitoxic's picture

Unborn Generation - Necktie Hanging

dennis221's picture

Accept - Metal heart album

TerrorZone's picture

Enforcer - Diamonds album

Hungry_Mosher's picture

Overkill horrorscope album !

anal devastator's picture

Pounding metal by the almighty EXCITER!

eddiethehead666's picture

Anacrusis - Manic Impressions!

Bayernpirat's picture

The new Moonsorrow

Corey's picture

Vio-Lence Kill On Command. CD's almost over...

xSquiggs's picture

Morbid Sin - Arrival Of Sin demo

Adrian's picture

Viking - Do or Die!

kaylow699's picture

Hell yeah!

metalhead4ever's picture

Speed Kills vol.2!

crooked_cross666's picture

isnt that an agent orange song or is the album or something?

metalhead4ever's picture

well its is.. but I was talking about the 1986/87 various artist lp.

crooked_cross666's picture

oh. that sounds cool! whos on there?

BeheadingN's picture

Amon Amarth - Arson

whiteravenmetal's picture

The Who - Won't get fooled again

slayerslayer's picture


some good metal shows here , and robot DJ at other times

vomitoxic's picture

Disease of the nation - Leaders of greed

Mental-Vortex's picture

Darkness - Burial At Sea

TerrorZone's picture

Twisted Sister - SMF

Nabrotzky's picture

WHIPLASH! Metallica

whiteravenmetal's picture

Iron Maiden - Afraid to Shoot Strangers
Iron Maiden - The reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg

Jesse95's picture

Artillery - Time Has Come

Manu Toxik Waste's picture

Fuck yeah !!! my favourite Artillery song

Cbower's picture

Great tune but bomb food my fav :D

vomitoxic's picture

Cannabis Corpse - Chronolith

eddiethehead666's picture

yes! Tube of the Resinated!!!

Daimonion's picture

The new album from METAL INQUISITOR!

Link's picture


Bayernpirat's picture

I´m back from the funeral of my friend Denis Tietz, listening to his band (he was the singer) DIS.AGREE.
On 2nd of April is a Benefiz concert for honouring him.
all bands are great local heroes and you must look specially at


Reviewing this thread. Sorry to hear that about your friend.

Maddolis's picture

Over the last few hours;
Some Lamentation (mate's prog metal band from Turkey), Infectious Grooves, plus
Ayreon - The Electric Castle (first half)
Ayreon - The Human Equation (first half)
Borknagar - The Olden Domain
Borknagar - Empiricism

PowerThrashingDeath's picture

My rutting cat who gets laid in the bushes next to our house...

bls-georg-pantera's picture

lol that prob sounded like some serious grindcore XD

TerrorZone's picture

yeah, that's my favorite band!

Rover133's picture

Charm City Devils - Let's Rock N Roll EP.

BeheadingN's picture

Folkodia - Viking Pride

whiteravenmetal's picture

Hellion - Up from the Depths

vomitoxic's picture

The Jasser Arafats

Phosphorous_Redeemer's picture

bonded by blood- Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles!

xSquiggs's picture

Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

lak89's picture

Destruction - The Price

Necrocanibal666's picture

Look But You Can't Touch - Poison

Wargod51's picture

Fireforce - March On

OrtodokseGud's picture

Venom - Dead of the Night

whiteravenmetal's picture

Demon - The Unexcpected Guest

lak89's picture

Deivos - Gospel Of Maggots

Thrash is my busines's picture

Exodus-Bonded By Blood,I listen to this song every morning

eddiethehead666's picture

Immortal - Battles in the North

whiteravenmetal's picture


MetalxThrasher's picture

My cat dry-heaving...now puking.
Fuck. Now I have to clean up cat vomit...
Prostitute Disfigerument - Dissector

cpt tabasco's picture

Since Weeks i’m listening to nothing but Pantera and Hail of Bullets. Sometimes the Bronx but that’s not a Metal Band... might switch to Nasum soon

eddiethehead666's picture

I - Between Two Worlds

dana_goll's picture

Pyogenesis- Like tears (in the dust)

BeheadingN's picture

Frightmare - Bringing Back The Bloodshed

Adrian's picture

Reverend - Remission

xSquiggs's picture

Hostile Rage - Adrenalin Flow

lambofgodfan00's picture

Mastodon- Colony of Birchmen.

Nostias's picture

Watching TV, Never Mind the Buzzcocks is on. Woo!

xSquiggs's picture
Daimonion's picture

May pals DESTROYER ( www.myspace.com/destroyershred )

Ask me, if you want to have a patch from them. ^^

TerrorZone's picture

Rainbow - Starstruck

whiteravenmetal's picture


Pwnsmasher's picture

Pathos - Katharsis. Learn it and love it.

lak89's picture

Revocation - Across Forests And Fjords

Adrian's picture

Destruction - Cracked Brain

ThrasheR123's picture


Daimonion's picture
Bayernpirat's picture

Dis.Agree (Goslar/Germany) the band of my dead friend

Mental-Vortex's picture

Jungle Rot - Gore Bag

young_metalhead97's picture

Aku Adalah Tuhan (I'm the God in Indonesian) - Beside. Good melodic death metal. You should listen to it!


DeathFuckinMetal's picture

Wombbath CD Internal Caustic Torments, it's fucking awesome.

Cannibal corpse fan's picture

Hell yeah wombbath rules

wehrmacht4000's picture

Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Exodus, Burzum

BeheadingN's picture

The Horn - Spell 125: the Declaration of Innocence

eddiethehead666's picture

Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss

Wargod51's picture

Inner Axis - Into The Storm (Germany)
Havok - Time Is Up

eddiethehead666's picture

how are you listening to time is up? it hasnt been released yet...

Kanan's picture


lak89's picture

Amon Amarth - Live For The Kill

ToxikAssault's picture

Nuclear Assault!!!

fuckyouiworkforslayer's picture

black flag!!

reapy_soa's picture

I have a lot of their Cds and have a DVD of them live. black flag slaps.

Kanan's picture

Slania's Song by Eluveitie. A m'atrila, a, ma helvetia!!

eddiethehead666's picture

Sodom - The Final Sign of Evil

BeheadingN's picture

Strydegor - Oden's Wrath

lak89's picture

Opeth - Harvest

Cbower's picture

That's sleepy time :))

Thrasher_flo's picture

Ketzer - satan's boundaries unchained (album)

TheEndIsMineToRide's picture

I haven't heard any other album other than this one. I've heard the newer stuff is really different. Know anything about it?

lord of filth's picture

Endzeit Metropolis is also very good but they lost it after that


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