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  • actually , it was originally done by Eliphas Levi, in 1856. i thought everyone knew that ! ha
  • looks like a bloke i knew , Agro. he's dead now.
  • First time i see that Benediction rubber patch. Btw, nice collection
  • Nice dude. Been seeing this pop up a lot lately. Sick looking pin for sure.
  • I'm looking for serious people please
  • No haha very certain things haha.
  • this is one of my most prized ones. i never wear it anymore
  • no other make a change shirts available?
  • quelle couleur vraiment beau
  • haha alright alright alright, good stuff bai.
  • So sick
  • What non-music items are you looking for?
  • Nice BP, brings back many memories :)
  • Geiler BP, nie zuvor gesehen. Anordnung und Musikgeschmack ist einfach erste Sahne. Bes.
  • Whihc day did you wee them?
  • Sorry, but I like them too much to get rid of them.


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