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  • I know! I have been looking for it for quite some time now. The coolest thing is that I only paid 5 Euros :)
  • nice one
  • Thanks Mate! This festival always rule!
  • Awesome photos! I sure miss BA...
  • Thanks man!! Cheers!
  • Not many years ago (2014-2015) I saw in a shop in Barcelona the same one in new condition
  • Cheers!
  • Absolutely! No problemo, always a pleasure! Proost!!!
  • Unfortunately, it is. Soon there will be a bunch of bootlegs floating around. I got it with a CD, shirt package.
  • Already selling/trading? Pls leave feedback :)
  • This is such an underrated album of theirs, and a great shirt to match!
  • GONE: Orange Goblin glitter patch Wo Fat shape Necromatia patch Soundgarden cicular patch AHAB Patch Anthrax Anim
  • Dp
  • Thanks, I like like it synchronized
  • Thanks, helaas gaat hij wel elkaar :')
  • Nice haha, grote kans dat deze ook op mijn nieuwe komt. Thanks! En ik zelf dus ook, more is less :)
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