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Best metal moment?

Queen Catsie
Sat, 08/03/2014 - 22:17

Just curious, what was the best metal-related moment in your life? It could have been at a gig or just when you met another metalhead at McDonald's, doesn't matter.
Personally I'd have to say either when I met Megadeth, when I hung out with Battlecross at Mayhem Fest, or when David Ellefson took a pic of my Kutte at a meet and greet :)

LifeOfDeath's picture

I don't know... Probably when I first time walked in a moonlit forest while listening to Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse hahah.

Joel's picture

Walking through a moonlit forest while listening to Nightside...two things that go hand in hand. I absolutely agree with that a hundred percent.

DeathFuckinMetal's picture

That sounds awesome dude, i would love to do that!

FarFarNorth's picture

I still remember the first time listening to this album as a teen. It was late night. I was riveted to the lyrics booklet, following along with the music. Was so mesmerized I lost count how often I put it on repeat. Hit deeper each time. Then reaching for my journal and writing stream-of-consciousness dark scenes this music was inspiring, as it played in headphones. Then waking up next morning seeing this album on my nightstand and my first thought was, "fuck, I'm grateful THIS exists."

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

When i saw Running Wild in Berlin back in `95 was a real highlight for me and also th first time seeing Maiden and Venom :).

Morbid_Welshman's picture

I could go on for hours, but the best for me has to be meeting Bruce Dickinson in work :)

powermetaller's picture

Riot V, Metal Assault, Würzburg, Germany, February 8, 2014. Best concert ever. Period.

deth's picture

i was riding my bike at this one spot, and a metalhead just walks by carrying his groceries. he had a bathory goat shirt on under his blue denim battle jacket (which lacked patches). he had long brown hair and it was just metal as fuck. i gave him a high five and said something dumb like "i love you, your the only person i know that knows bathory!!"
It was when i was just an ignorant fuck who really didnt know shit about metal. i didnt know squat about metal and i looked like a queer ha. looking back on it, he was so fucking rad i wish i could bump into him now, because there are absolutely 0 metalheads in my area (other than him).

gizter's picture

a little difrent, but having the same problem here..
but once i saw a guy with a patched up vest walking his dog in the distance. but never seen him again. my little bother also talked about seeing him a fiew times. and says he has a jacket just like mine... but i still havn't seen him since, and still don't know if it is a metalhead or a biker...
worst part is, that where i and my brother have seen him are both only one street away from my home...

oldmate's picture

seeing Joey Belladonna playing with anthrax at the big 4. I did not think I would ever get to see him play with Anthrax

PForx's picture

Oh man, if I could only list one... listening to Reign in Blood for the first time scores pretty high, so does my first moshpit (though it was at a hardcore show)...

I think the best metal moment has to be in 5th grade, when I was accepted into the "metal kids" at school. They were all 7th graders, so I felt pretty big...

joecubbie's picture

There's a couple. Going to see Black Sabbath was pretty huge. For me personally though, it was probably meeting my girlfriend who's the first girl my age I ever met who listens to real metal (Sabbath, Slayer, Metallica, Pantera, etc.). All of the girls my age who listen to "metal" are musically oblivious scene girls with multicolored hair going on about how Black Veil Brides or Blood on the Dance Floor "saved their lives".

VoodooChild's picture

When seeing Iron Maiden for the first time when I was 14 with my dad who at that time (not any more since I'm above the legal drinking age for more than 3 years now) was very strict about alcohol and smoking. During the concert he asked me what I wanted to drink and I said Sprite, to wich he replied: "Youre at a Metal concert so your gonna drink some fucking Beer!" First time seein maiden and first time drinking beer with the dude who always forbade me to drink. He even wanted me to drink it hahah.

Second one for me would be when I went to see one of my favourite bands Lamb of God with 6 of my friends and all of them were gonna get some cigs, I had enough and was starving like hell so while they went to the nearest tabaccostore I went to get some burgers. And at the Burger King I met Kerry King. Getting to meet your favourite musicions when youre at theire concert was awesome enough for me... but meeting him there while seeing a total other band was on a whole different level for me hahahahah.. never expected that. So I ate my whopper with kerry King and got a foto. Unfortunately due to going the Lamb Of God I did not have any Slayer merch with me to sign :P
None of my 6 friends met him cuz of theyre cigarettes hahahah... I thanked satan because I was starving because otherwise I would've never gone to Burger King and went with them to the cig store hahahah..

That are my 2 moments :D

Cannibal Lecter's picture

I have a few. When I cracked my ribs during Anthrax and Joey Belladonna and Rob Caggiano came and hungout with me at the paramedical booth backstage and I rubbed elbows with Lemmy. Dave Ellefson hugged me once, seeing Iron Maiden for the first time and drinking at the battle of San Bernardino, getting hit on by David Sanchez, etc.

kertalaaki's picture

Probably seeing Iron Maiden for the first time. Pure magic.

Pommesgabel666's picture

Watching a Iron Maiden gig in Italia at Villa Manin palace! Total great atmosphere at this 17th century build areal!

BerrLord's picture

Biggest metal moment for me was back when I was 14 years old and went to my first festival. Sonisphere Stockholm 2010, managed to meet Anthrax and be in the front row on both Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden. What made it really special was the weather. It absolutely drenched everything, but when Iron Maidens intro started playing, the rain stopped. After the show when they played "Always look on the bright side", the rain resumed puring down and thunder rolled in.

PEELO's picture

Haha I was there too and have lots of good memories from that gig. That's propably my favourite maiden gig i've been to.

MoreGoreLessCore's picture

Either Seeing Vanderbuyst.. or Possessed. Both band were fucking KILLER.

Deathead's picture

lot of memories like this...
but every moment with Chuck S. ...
Every moment with Ross, bob & steve from immolation...
All drunks party with Martin Van Drunen at my home (or in pub, festival etc...)
Every moment with my metal friends since 87... (party, festivals, shows,...)
Every time i see bolt thrower on stage...
and more and more...

MetalheartNYC's picture

As everyone said "just so many moments" but for me i would say seeing Kreator at wacken 2011 front row smoking weed, the security gave me water and didn't care i was smoking. Also meeting UDO and Amon Amarth

no karate in pit's picture

corpsegrinder signing my vest after the greatest show ive ever seen

MetalNDN's picture

Seeing my favorite bands live. Black Sabbath, Slayer, Possessed, Malevolent Creation, Motörhead, Dio, Kreator, Goatwhore, Crowbar, Entombed, Scorpions. 🤘

nameless_rites's picture

Watching some idiot drink the stage blood from Watains goblet and then explosively puke it up because it was unrefrigerated and rancid blood. Sucks to suck guy 😂

metalarchivesripsection's picture

When Dimmu toured with Samael in the states for the first time, Samael had fire jugglers, one dropped the stick with fire into the crowd. Another moment was when the singer of Nile was pissed cause Karl’s apple II computer wasn’t working, and he said “there’s no computers in death metal”

metalarchivesripsection's picture

Ozzy biting the Bat

left2die's picture

downfall of ptpp lol

COTHRASHER's picture

Diving into the crowd from the balcony at a Municipal Waste show

no karate in pit's picture

fuck yeah

joecubbie's picture

I can't help but laugh at my comment from a decade ago hahaha. As of now, it would have to be either Biff Byford wearing my kutte onstage or interviewing Jon Oliva. Hell, I guess interviewing the majority of my heavy metal heroes would qualify as "best metal moments". The Joe of 10 years ago could only dream of communicating with these legends that he only knew via records, posters, and videos.

andermatten's picture

probably either high-fiving john tardy or witnessing a friend's friend whom I'd hung out with for three or four years prior, quiet shy guy, apoplectically play the drums for his excellent grind-/noisecore band (with a female singer) that I knew nothing about beforehand

metalarchivesripsection's picture

Any Pantera show in the 90’s in the mosh pit or crowd.

Strawberries_Messiah's picture

I have quite a few honestly definitely meeting my boyfriend at a twin temple show though (: also getting to see dokken skid row and vixen it my my first show after year of dealing with depression and social anxiety really was the starting point of my recovery

George thrash's picture

Lemmy being born. RIP

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