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Wed, 13/01/2016 - 23:43

Hey guys!

So after a few months and new patches and signatures here's an update of my Kutte. Most new patches were bought at shows or festivals.
The signatures I'm really proud of are from Sodom which I got at their signing session at 2015's Summer Breeze because Tom signed on the shaped Sodom-Stripe which I got from a usere here on TSS (and also added me afterwards on fb because I brought them some beer which wasn't allowed at the infield x)). :) And also the Balls to the Wall Patch was signed by the two remaining original members of Accept in Decembre 2015. Wolf Hoffmann was really happy to see such an old patch in such a good condition. :D
The other new signatures in my jacket are from Paul DiAnno, the other Accept members, the singer from Asphyx, a few members of Stallion and Godslave, the singer from Vektor, all members of Air Raid and Dr. Living Dead!, the girls of Nervosa, Mambo Kurt, the members of Mr. Hurley, a guitarist from Finsterforst who live in my hometown and comes often to our pub and a good friend of me who is also in a small band. I hope, I forgot noone, haha.

At the moment I'm looking for nothing really special and in the future I will ad more shaped patches. I re-arranged the Onkel Tom patch to the front to fill in there some spaces.

Oh and btw. the "Kneipenterroristen" patch is not from the german band but for a youth gang from northern germany that existed in the 80s, maybe some of you Germans know the documentation "Youth Wars". They were a gang that always drunk a lot of beer and was really stupid. My friends and I love this documentation and because the gang had patches like I have now, in the 80s, my friends made me this one for my birthday. Really an insider, Fugbaum, normal hä?!

So what do you think? I'm open for critics and would like to hear your point of view! :)


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  • piękna.
  • \m/
  • Prosta i dosadna.
  • Classic taste and good tribute, cheers to this kutte!
  • Is it possible to ask yourself something without literally asking yourself?
  • yes! love this album and this backpatch looks beautiful. i'm sure you'll get one again soon. thanks again.😉
  • I was literally asking myself earlier what did I do to this patch lol. Randomly came across this post too.
  • Both purchases from a local seller on a 2nd hand shop. The deicide a trade via facebook
  • Moonsorrow always gets 5 flames \m/
  • \m/ Looking forward to seeing your winter jacket.
  • Thanks. I had a few ideas for a custom backpatch, still toying with it though.
  • Auf jeden alter
  • Geile Kutte Meister! Freu mich schon auf die neue. Und natürlich das puzzlen ;)
  • Awesome, you got it already!
  • 🤘😫🤘 I love this back patch man! Such an iconic album with amazing artwork.
  • Where did you get that blue vulvodynia patch? its awesome! I've been looking for one like that for forever
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