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TShirtSlayer Rules

Sun, 01/12/2013 - 15:27

OK, So we've been here for more than 6 years now, and unfortunately the time has come where I have to spell out the rules, so here they are - violating these rules is a sure way to get deleted


The Rules

  • Respect the 'band name' field when adding a tshirt/item, only enter the band name that is directly relevant to your item
  • No 'Posing' photos in the TShirt BattleJacket gallery, please just the TShirt/BattleJacket ONLY
  • No political arguments or propaganda, It's fine to upload a tshirt/jacket from any band but no one wants to read your arguments for or against - someone will always get upset, just like any good pub/bar "political talk is forbidden", TSS is not a place for you to voice your political opinion, merely a gallery of metal tshirts and jackets.
  • Those who join to trade NSBM type bands will be banned without notice, TShirtSlay is quite liberal about recording information for historical reasons but is against trading lame NSBM style bands for any monetary or personal gain, this generally applies to people who join and trade/sell a lot of tshirts
  • As of 2020 - tolerance for pimply white kids that live with their mothers and post t-shirts with obviously stupid national socialist slogans is now at rock bottom. They will have their accounts deleted without warning.
  • The above rule ESPECIALLY applies to those who are re-printing and selling such items at any scale, this indicates to me that you're trying to make a profit from TSS out of these shitty items rather than being an honest collector, you will be banned.
  • All items must be photos of actual items you own , no presale tshirts, it must exist in the real world.
  • Some items that are not directly "metal" are allowed, just don't kill it with your favourite madonna collection
  • Do not offer to trade or sell with tshirts that you have not uploaded.. example "I have a lof of tshirts to trade! PM me!" when you have uploaded nothing, will get you banned.
  • Do not comment on political reasons for anything, I'm tired of it, the world is tired of it, comments like "its because of leftists" or "because of rightists" or "because of liberalists" will get you banned.
  • - Do not spam
       - Don't write in capital letters when not necessary, this is really annoying, you are SHOUTING
       - Don’t post links to your items on ebay without uploading each item individually on TSS
  • Do not contribute to or inflame arguments, TSS is a relaxed place to hangout, not somewhere to read about other peoples bullshit arguments, don’t get involved, don’t start it. Dont like a tshirt? dont comment on it!
  • Posers will be deleted - by this we mean people who just join and post ‘selfies’ on themselves without contributing anything
  • When adding a TShirt/Patch/etc to the gallery, please only post the actual item, not you wearing/posing the item
  • One post per item, try to avoid multiple items in one post, this makes it hard to find in the future (exceptions to this are things like lots of patches to trade in one photo)
  • Use the 'trade ownership' tab if you sell/trade the item to someone else on TSS
  • Dont post irrelevant crap into the ActionShots section, Action Shots is designed for photos of YOUR parties, weird events, and the odd cool shit you find/do, posting photos of irrelevant people, things, memes etc is frowned upon
  • Don't post in the forum about an item that you might or might not sell, post each item individually into the gallery and mark it sale/not-sale, tshirtslayer is about keeping photographic references of tshirts

Trading guidelines

Don't come crying to me if you posted your precious rare item to some guy on the other side of the world you never heard of and suddenly your item has vanished and you didnt see a single cent, use your common sense, an idea is that people with no trade history (You can check this in their profile) should post their item to the person with more reputation first, send items registered mail

Failure to update your items as 'sold' or use the 'ownership' feature to transfer the item will result in banning.

Dont pester people for tshirts/items that are not for sale

So there you have it, I'm open to suggestions but if you strongly disagree then now is a good time to delete your account, otherwise, have a great stay and I hope to see you around TSS more.

TSS runs a zero-warning system, there is zero tollerance for idiots here, dont become one!

almostwilt's picture

wow, pretty basic simple rules and people seem to complain and can't comply with those.

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

Good simple rules! This is and should be a cool place to hang.
Keep the bitches (both male/female) and bitching on Facefuck.

NISSE666's picture


Ysidro's picture

If you haven't done this already (I registered a long time ago, so I don't remember) I'd suggest to make every new user read and accept the rules by checkbox. Might help.
I also would recommend you to message all users if you update the rules. If I hadn't been involved in the discussion I probably wouldn't have noticed. You can't expect the users to hang around the forum all the time.

Cannibal Lecter's picture

Simple easy rules, I like it. Now lets get out there and melt some faces!

alla2465's picture

finally an actual rule list. looking great and simple.

DevilzForce's picture

good steps doc ! keep em coming :)

atrophythrasher's picture

Simple rules ;-)

SatanMyMaster's picture

I really appreciate these rules. It's annoying when you try and talk music on MOST other metal sites, and all people want to do is run their mouths and talk shit. WE'RE ALL HERE FOR THE SAME THING

KeepItMetal's picture

Awesome! Keeping the community good!

gizter's picture

nice one.

Greaserjlg's picture

Could you maybe make a rule about not creating a new thread just because you're searching for something. It seems like every time someone is looking for something they make a damn thread. Apparently that's why we have the "wanted" option.

judascrust's picture

every time I see this thread I always think its going to be someone gushing over how much TSS rules hahaha not a thread about "the" rules of tss haha

JedCannon's picture

Simple, easy rules. Hopefully I can become an asset to TSS

Kerry Draconis's picture

Pretty basic and simple, thumbs up.

slayerslayer's picture


Der Todesking's picture

Yup, noted. Is ok. Thanx doc!

Into Glory Ride's picture

Good to see the rules pointed out clearly and openly, i actually did not know all of them.
Very plain and simple, hats off.

kimo's picture

I personally don't mind seeing the occasional non metal item uploaded as it gives a bit on a broader insight into members, but it would be a different story if someone uploaded 100 non metal items in a row, filling up the board.
I think common sense and user discretion is what it really comes down to.
As a long time metal and punk fan, the majority of my shirts are punk related, and although i have uploaded a few, here and there, i hold of on the majority because i realise this is a metal based site.

As i said ......a bit of common sense and discretion goes a long way.

Metal_boy_'s picture

Thanks for making this website a better place for metalheads. I am sure enjoying it.

Metal_boy_'s picture


Warmaster80's picture

I have joined today and I think this is a good website as well for us Metalheads to share our merch or sell things

Abysswalker's picture

Is there a way to change the flag in my profile? Thanks in advance

OmeletteDuFromage's picture

I am french and live in france, tho I have an english flag. May be a problem with my VPN or some shit, but I never activated it to go on TSS... weird.
Anyway the british flag looks cool so I'm not complaining, but it can be misleading for people, you know.

Metaldemon's picture

Well the picture policy shouldnt be a problem for me. I don't how to upload download Shit!! HA HA HA!!!

Abysswalker's picture

Fair enough.I did not know that it works like this.Thanks guys for enlightening me.

VoodooChild's picture

I see a lot of discussion about non metal shirts being acceptable yes or no.
The way I see it is that it's very difficult to make rules on, I mean like the Dr said there are way too many edge cases where there would be a discussion wether the band is Metal or another genre, someone will have to decide (the dr I guess) and judge every band wether it's metal or not and that will lead up to further discussions and fights I am 100% sure.
I am kinda fine with it (and have done it myself a couple of times, a lot of bands that are on the edge but also stuff like Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones I have uplaoded) since while I see TSS as an cool archive for merch it is foremost like a metalhead community, almost like an online bar were people comment on eachothers stuff and tell stories. So I've seen multiple people say: "other shirts outside of metal help me get inside in users"
Okay I agree on that, but on the other hand.. what if users get alot of pleasure out of a certain "Nike" shirt. I wouldn't want people uploading every fucking shirt they find. But why should a Beatles shirt be on here and not a Nike shirt? They are equally metal.

I think the only sensible thing to do is just ignoring merch you don't like, metal or not. Or downflame it or whatever if you dislike it and let the Dr delete when he finds that something has to be deleted.

Since personally I think a metalhead who uploads the ocassional punk or rap shirt is more fitting on here than someone who doesn't like the genre but bought a couple of Iron Maiden and Metallica shirts @ H&M for the designs and decides to upload em here (not that I see someone like that find this site or be interested, but hypothetically speaking).

On another note regarding stuff that doesn't belong here... I am very happy the epidemic of people uploading random shoes and boots has stopped.

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

Good one i say !

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

I guess more and more people hear about TSS and think " there is a place i can earn big bucks !!! ".
They should be keep out at all costs.
People like that can stick to Ebay.

slayerslayer's picture

"its because of leftists" or "because of rightists" or "because of liberalists" , also communists and also nazis, and pro or anti anitfa , keep it to yourself - TSS isnt for your agenda , mate.

its weird because when TSS was instigated , it was a gallery - no rules , minimum guidelines , all about metal and metal shirts , yeah you can post a punk shirt , or a beatles shirt (sneakily) , and we knew
it would evolve , and there would be dickheads , but , who knew social media would fuck the upcoming minds of society so hard , that every platform on the internet would be an agenda for someone/some user?
we are all tired of the political reasons .

Arkturean's picture

Thank you!

Unjustifiablexistence's picture

Wise choice.

Metaldemon's picture

Its sad that idiots have to use a our site for BS political crap!! I Just turned 50 and want to talk Heavymetal and the history. Simple Rules!! Obey Mother fuckers!!!

NickTheEgg4's picture

The beginning scared me, I thought you were taking down the website lol

MungoBumpkin's picture

Good rules.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Could we make clear that it is a necessity to give the shirts aproppriate, unmistakabely clear names?
If i have overlooked a rule like that, my bad


What the hell is that ? You are unable to find any of these this way. And it's not Rocket science.

Chemical Burn's picture

You mean you've never heard of Blue Grape by Deicide? Poser

Into Glory Ride's picture

Well, you got me , never was too much into Euro Power Metal

Lord Cthulhu's picture

pmsl, classic reply dude!

Bitch Butcher's picture

Pretty simple rules.
I didn't know they were written here until I overlooked sections I've never sern but it's alot of common sense.
I'm good with these rules.

Heavy Metal Marc's picture

I didn't realize the rules were written out like this, but I'm glad I found them!

I just wanted to say thanks for having the political conversation rule, I got so sick of that on facebook with the groups I'm on, it's nice to know theres a place for metalheads to just hang out and have a good time

doctordeath's picture

new one - BEGGING WILL GET YOU BANNED, "sell me! email@whatever.com!" etc

bad_american1992's picture

Hahaha those guys are so annoying, I support this rule.

doctordeath's picture

Just had to clarify a point by adding "Don't like a TShirt? don't comment on it!" after I find myself deleting several people who I suspect are facebook users that seem to have nothing better todo than be a keyboard warrior.

Arkturean's picture

Good initiative doc. The positive community is one of the best things about TSS!

Chab's picture

Isnt peste noire blacklisted because some dont like it?

doctordeath's picture

there's a handful of bands out of the 60,000 or so bands here that seem to attract a lot of complete idiots, unfortunately they are one of them, so it's better that they're not here, i've noticed that since TSS stopped putting that bands results in the search engines that the number of really nasty people joining as dropped to about 5% of what it was

Metaldemon's picture

All sounds reasonable.

Stathis's picture

Are there any limitations in selling for new members?
For example does the account have to be X weeks/months old to be able to sell?

doctordeath's picture

No but if you are making money here, you SHOULD be a supporter, it's only fair on every other supporter that is keeping this website going for 15 years now!

Panthorder's picture

Where i can ask for tshirt merch that people are selling on EU?

a chicken's picture

You can filter items by if they're available for sale/trade, and look at the person's profile to see what country they're in, but I don't think there's any way to filter search results by location :(

kamkam's picture

piece of cake, got it

no karate in pit's picture

I agree tshirtslayer does rule

Savage Pumpkin's picture

To those who don't leave feedback after a period of time over a transaction, 1 year for example, it has to be deleted from your account. Few people enter T-shirtSlayer, buy or trade one item, and never return or leave feedback with result the items to seem undelivered to our accounts.

Just a proposal 😉

George thrash's picture

Good rules! Don’t know why some people can’t follow them

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