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Recent Comments

  • Just amazing! I love old MDB!
  • I would prefer a trade!!!!! Regards!!!!!!!!!
  • thank you, yes, they are great
  • gooood work, warrant the enforcer is a sick album
  • That is one amazing shirt!
  • Amazing looking! One of my favorite MDB albums
  • That time EMP was an awesome shop. Everytime a new catalog arrived it made a big headache how to get the next order paye
  • Real cool. The Death logo looks great in these colors. But the guy on the "H" is missing:-(
  • That's awesome. Do you still have some?
  • Killer
  • Yep, that's exactly where I got it.
  • Lest we forget. I used to march in them when I was younger (Joey Scouts ;)) But I haven't been for a few years, Bu
  • less we forget mate...to me Anzac day is one of the most special days here...i always get up for the dawn service, it is
  • Black Funeral's logga är riktigt sexig i lila!
  • Seems every "old school" death metal-fan I've ever talked to can't get enough of these guys.
  • Got that native Mexican pride pride all the way out in Finland huu???! Great shirt for sure

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