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Recent Comments

  • nice flatty tabes for days never seen a band repping bmx always some hc skateboarding shit
  • Thanks mate.. these is what left, maybe someone here interested :)
  • Nice and raw!
  • It’s always nice to find cheap treasures like that :)
  • Too great collection! I have their all vinyl!
  • same thing happened to me ladt week too...was on a work trip to Boston.
  • Thanks! There is exist black and blue label. Merch card is a bonus...
  • Yeah you all right second is the best!
  • Sure! Underrated!
  • Thanks mate! Combat press is rule!
  • I know! I have been looking for it for quite some time now. The coolest thing is that I only paid 5 Euros :)
  • nice one
  • Thanks Mate! This festival always rule!
  • Awesome photos! I sure miss BA...
  • Thanks man!! Cheers!
  • Not many years ago (2014-2015) I saw in a shop in Barcelona the same one in new condition
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