Metal band : Asphyx

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Recent Comments

  • Awesome t-shirt, you don't see too many listeners of this band, pretty underrated, it's fucking weird that qua
  • Bathory's Viking era is amazing!
  • Great band, awesome t-shirt and band, seen them live, THRASH AND BEER !
  • Thanks! One of my favourite shirts.
  • Really great, love it, rock on !!!
  • Very cool! Piece of history right there!
  • Thanks man!
  • Wowh! High five
  • Nice one!
  • Fin som snus!
  • Thanks a lot!
  • "tourS dates" ist auch ganz nett, haha.
  • Any chance they got some 00's bathory shirts? :)
  • it happens a lot. for me its Amok, Down, Frozen & Crimson are the best.
  • Aaaa good idea for my new company :))) uber will fall now!
  • Reallyy?? oh man three hour drive here we go....They just didn't print many of these I guess
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