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Archgoat VS Beherit

Sat, 03/12/2022 - 21:47

Two grand masters of Finnish black metal, one more terrifying than the other!

Which is your favorite when you wanna ravish your soul, and why?

PallasKatOvKháos's picture

I have tried listening to some of the work of Beherit, don't enjoy it too much apologetically. In my own personal opinion it would Arch-Goat.

Dan's picture

Thy Serpent, Horna, Korgonthurus, Sargeist.
That goat - archgoat goat arch shit never ticked any fucking box for me.
As far as Beherit's concerned, only record I like is Engram.the old shit is just a can of wasps covered in vomit violently raping my eardrums so no thanks.

so long story short on topic.
Beherit !

AbysmalWind's picture

You're obviously more into the second wave of BM. Archgoat, as well as Beherit, have a much more minimalistic approach to black metal, they picked up where Bathory and Hellhammer had left off and took their formula to the most simplistic end, which is more than fine.

P.s: BOTH.

Thiellus's picture


There's something alluring about their very crude, sometimes clumsy approach to creating music. The early demo stuff is enjoyable despite how abrasive it is, but they hit the magic spot on Drawing Down the Moon; songwriting is interesting enough without being too repetitive and the warm guitar tone and ghastly vocals create a strange atmosphere that sucks you right in. The ambient period is quite effective for creating atmosphere, although slightly less so. Engram is an incredible come back album with some really heavy songs like Demon Advance, Pagan Moon, and Destroyer of Thousand Worlds which have become some of my favorite Beherit tracks.

Dan's picture

and Destroyer of Thousand Worlds which have become some of my favorite Beherit tracks. ----> Agree with that 100%.

DooMMetalDenise's picture

I have no horse in this race, as I haven't listened to much Archgoat but here's my take

But from what I've listened to of Archgoat, not really my thing. Same with Beherit, as I don't care much for most first and second wave Black Metal. Though, I do dig Beherit's Ambient work.

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