Metal band : Sodom

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Recent Comments

  • Hails, yes it is official. I picked this up from Kvlt.fi, which only sells official merchandise
  • Fuck always wanted this in sweatshirt very killer uploads mate
  • cheers man
  • Ainda tenho : Exciter red border Manila Road pin Pagan Altar Agent Stell Enforcer triangular blue !
  • This is official? How so? Just curious.
  • Great collection, have the most of it, too...but where are "The Final Jolly Roger", "Shadowmaker" &a
  • Thanks dude! Talon is one of my favorite German Heavy Metal bands!
  • super!!!
  • Need this PATCH......everyone SELL?
  • I have no idea how one can collect so many stuff of this band, haha, but of course 5 stars for addiction, WOW!
  • Haha! Tack, du är lika vältalig som alltid! Det var en grym semester!
  • Yep! It was awesome, cheers!
  • Thanks mate! A very cool city! I liked Freemont street best, and no parks....Next time!
  • They sure do! Cheers!
  • Thanks dude! : )=
  • hi, is pokolgep still avaible at sale??

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