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  • Price for all patches on the photo - 6$ Shipping in Europe and USA - 2$ One delivery includes 6 patches - if more then n
  • Full five flames - amazing collection brother \m/
  • Nice!
  • Thanks
  • Hail the baron, great shirt!!!
  • \m/
  • The Warriors pin: http://waxworkrecords.com/products/the-warriors-enamel-pins If I am not wrong one goes for about 10
  • Killer!!
  • Wow - never saw this version before !
  • The SODOM patches are awesome \m/
  • why dont you try the big red "Ask about a trade or sale" button in red, that's underlined, at the top of
  • Thanks bro! :)
  • Haha, so true! Thanks for the comment mate! :)
  • Was a gift from a friend, so not sure :( cheers anyway
  • Great EP. Hellraiser is such a rad instrumental.
  • Great pic-disc
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