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  • Thanks, man! Yeah, it was a fantastic show, I hope you catch them next time!
  • Great shirt!
  • very good old mortiis era LS!
  • Cool goat album! Nice speed metal logo on the back
  • merci. could be for sale or trade (FOTL medium).
  • definitely. merci.
  • Cool.....need this one on vinyl as well.
  • Great record.......and yeah it always amazes me at how prudish the american censors can be some times.
  • Nice...still after this one myself. Good score.
  • Nice one!
  • Ya I have talked to countless people who went and I saw Slayer at that venue so I literally had my friends who went to b
  • Could you please send me a pm, please. I am interested in one of the patches, but can't pm you. Thanks.
  • HAMMER!!!!
  • Awesome!!!.
  • This is amazing!! Truly a great idea!!
  • Hell yeah!! Was their masterpiece in my opinion.

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