Metal band : Sodom

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Recent Comments

  • Has been an awesome show.(Maybe the best Kreator-show I've seen) It's really cool that they released and also
  • cheers!
  • Really cool stuff!
  • Definitely. Follow them since their first album. Hope there will be some new stuff.Sometime.
  • Nice collection! Very cool that you know Antropomorphia too, amazing band.
  • Buena colección!
  • Discazo!
  • it's gonna be unstoppable.... that slayer pink demon patch? shoo... it's nice.. and rare i believe.
  • really nice, great album
  • Yo tengo los primeros dos albums de death pero versión remastered y cada uno tiene content adicionalmente como rehearsal
  • Thank you!
  • beautiful shirt
  • $5...you scored mate, really nice shirt, i kinda dig this album.
  • Thanks bro!! so glad I found it, was on my wanted list for a while!
  • They were in town last night. Saw them earlier this year with High on Fire. Great band! How was Oathbreaker lol?
  • Thanks man!! and it was bro, gave me three extra patches, 2 of which im gonna use

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