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        Metal band : Sodom

        NISSE666 with 51 entries
        Bayernpirat with 35 entries
        sodom26 with 35 entries
        shellfire defense with 29 entries
        Daniel Sodomaniac with 26 entries
        music4u with 23 entries
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        Recent Comments

        • Suddenly I found this: http://w79051.shop.textalk.se/en/tiamat/tiamat-t-shirt-wildhoney.html
        • Eight years god damn
        • Badassssss
        • Thanks!!!!
        • Classic! How was the show?
        • It’s actuallt 1995. Last digit is different than the “99”
        • trade for my congress?
        • finally! tentacle nipples!!!!!
        • Sick stuff!
        • Nice touch on their old Metallifukinca - Design!!
        • I own the same but unfortunately I never really get to wear it..
        • Good shirt! I love Metallica but there is a crazy trend here wearing their shirts by non metalheads.
        • Saugeiles Teil und dann noch Großherzogtum Baden, sauber!
        • It's beautiful.
        • I think it was sold only at the shows given on the back print, but I'm not sure.
        • True & Canada is getting almost impossible to get into. We actually have many bands kicked out on the border.


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