R.I.P Lemmy Kilmister

Tue, 29/12/2015 - 02:03


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Sad day I literally just went out for a walk and came back to find out Lemmy died. I'm lucky to have seen Mötorhead. RIP Lemmy.

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R.I.P. Lemmy

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I feel extremely lucky that I got to see Motörhead before this happened. This is the end of an era in music.

R.I.P Lemmy
R.I.P Motörhead

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He lived the fucking life.

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I just found out minutes ago. Really sad news. I'm glad I got to see them back in August. Rest in Peace Lemmy.


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And I was just about to see him this summer.

RIP legend, there is no one and nobody will ever be close to you.

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I went out to buy smokes and liquor and came back to hear the news. Motorhead is on my music list tonight, can't believe the crazy bastard passed away. Hell we wont even get to hear Oderus say something like "This is very tragic to GWAR, but you haver to take into consideration THE MAN WAS 70. Pay more attention to GWAR. It's not like we'll ever die on you!".

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A true Rock N' Roll legend.

RIP Lemmy.

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Damn...so many legends dying off.

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R.I.P Lemmy.

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2015, the year many of my heroes died. R.I.P. Lemmy, you were like a father to me.

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Rest in Peace Lemmy.

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O..M...G.. rest in peace.... :(

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What a sad day :( I'm forever grateful that i saw their concert in Helsinki.. Rest in peace Lemmy.

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A sad day for rock and metal.
He contributed so much to music, nobody will ever come close to his style.
But just as nwobhmbanger said, he had a crazy life and not many can say that about themselves.
Lemmy you will be missed dearly.

"The only time I'm gonna be easy's when I'm, killed by death".

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To say I'm devastated is an understatement. R.I.P. to a true Metal God.

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He finished his last tour with honor.
This is really sad news. I hope that he is somewhere with Phil "The Animal" Taylor starting up Motörhead again.

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Had a bad fuckin night (getting sick by flu) and was awakened by my GF at 8AM with the words: LEMMY IS DEAD!
The world lost a real legend - BORN TO LOSE, LIVE TO WIN!
Now he can play together with Phil and form a new band: Motörheaven

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Motörheaven! \m/

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With Lemmy, Phil and Würzel it would probably be called Motörhell :D

Got no words, RIP Lemmy, another legend gone...

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Motörhell is or Heaven ;)

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Damn......Can't say I was surprised on hearing the news, but still devastated. The world will never be the same .

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there is no words to describe my feelings. RIP Mr Lemmy

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No words for a that. R.I.P.

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r i p play motorhead

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Really sad.. Glad I could see them live even once

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I don't have any word for describe my feelings... I'm just so sad about it
Rip Lemmy. You will never be forgotten !

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Haven't got Photoshop on my PC currently, Whipped it up in MS Paint, Quality is shit but tis truth.



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Haha thanks mate.

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I know right haha, So haggard.

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haha great!!

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Thanks, When I told my girlfriend she said NOT LEMMY! and I straight away thought of this.

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The end of an era !!!! RIP Lemmy !!!!!!

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Too bad you died, lemmy. Motörhead will always be on my top 10 of heavy metal bands. \m/

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A true legend, and one of my favorite bands of all time. He was very ill at last 2 years. Sadly news. I´ll drink a Jack Daniels in your honour! Motörheadbangers Forever! RIP Lemmy!!!! Gone but never forgotten!

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What's now?..

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A legend never dies <3 You'll always be here with us!

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Rest in peace, dear Lemmy! We´ll love you forever!

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I've been a motorhead fan since I first discovered them and picked up a copy of "overkill" around 98-99 when I was in 9th grade. I'm glad I got the opportunity to see them live (house of blues in boston mass. sept. 2009).
sad news but at least his death wasn't tragic; he lived a life that most can only dream about and he kept it up all the way to age 70! no small thing considering all the drink and drugs and women and the strains of bringing his music around the world for over 40 years.... r.i.p lemmy!!!

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FUCKITUP Lemmy \m/ thanks for the good times together

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Very sad news R.I.P. Lemmy..

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and now the emptyines of not seeing the logo of the band on the top of the outcoming fests.

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I´m just floored ;-(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
RIP Lemmy....Lemmy machte mir Mut!

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Genau! Mir auch :(

Oldschool's picture

Genau! Mir auch :(
It's gonna be hard to live without him!

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R.I.P Lemmy... But come on, do all of you think this is how he'd want you to feel? Sad? Yes, I feel sad too, it's hard, but his legacy will remain forever! Lemmy went out with style, and our job is to keep everything louder than everything else!

Oldschool's picture

Lemmy Kilmister (1945-2015)
Hawkwind: 1970-1974
Motörhead: 1977 – 2015
‘’Q: How come your band has lasted so long without a trace of slowing down?
A: We just never gave up… We might not be the best band in the world, but we’re definitely the fastest!’’
“I don't do regrets. Regrets are pointless. It's too late for regrets. You've already done it, haven't you? You've lived your life. No point wishing you could change it.”
Rest in peace, dear Lemmy, you were simply more than a hero!

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Time to rock out with Lynott, Dio, Taylor,Moore and many many more... Rest in peace Lemmy :(

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- Rest In Peace - Lemmy 1945-2015...

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Absolutely tragic day today. We lose Lemmy on a day when most would expect he would survive another year only for the lord thundercunt of a disease known as cancer to claim his rock n roll soul.

RIP you fucking legend.

MasterDeath's picture

Found out over Terry Butler who saw the post from Ozzy, even before when Motörhead posted these sad news. Left me speechless.
I'm lucky that I saw Motörhead. I will never forget that day.
R.I.P. Lemmy
- Born to lose, live to win -

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Another legend gone.. But not forgotten. Thanks for you amazing music and effort in rock n roll / metal music general.

R.I.P. master of rock n roll

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It is strange ... We all knew that Lemmy will leave us one day, and unfortunately we knew that this day is not far away. But I STILL cannot believe that Lemmy is gone . A true TITAN of the Heavy metal universe. R.I.P.

Lizard's picture

Christ, he had serious heart problems and health went down also I bet because of the undiscovered cancer but nonetheless he released one last fucking good album and went on tour in his last year before he passed straight away without falling apart alive.

Lemmy was really one hell of guy with balls made of Kruppstahl!

antichrist666's picture

A sad day in history of metal. R.I.P. Lemmy - cheers!

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Havin some Jacky-Colas and playin my favourite Motörtracks this night in memory of Mr. Kilmister....a legend in life and a legend in death. Thank you for all the fucking brilliant songs you leave behind. Have a good time on the other side....we all will follow one day....cheers Lem!

kereealazer's picture

It has come to my attention that I have a Motorhead picture on my fridge with 2 dead legends on it now :(

vomitoxic's picture

I have a poster (to be framed) that has 3 dead Motörhead members on it. I seriously need to frame it but on the other hand it sucks serious ass to realize it has 3 dead Motörhead members in it.

hateandwhiskey's picture

almost went down when I heard. I was in denial about Lemmy's condition. Seen Motorhead 5 times, was blessed to meet Lemmy once. Seen them the last time this year in Detroit. Can't believe for the first time in my life since i was 5 there will not be a Motorhead. Rock is dead. RIP, Play it LOUD.

Cthulhu1999's picture

Man this is super sad. A true legend among metal.

KevinReynolds1223's picture

I almost passed out when i heard the news, Lemmy was the fucking man and will never ever be replaced.He's up there in heaven partying his ass off and drinking jack daniels, god i miss that fucking guy already

streicherzzy's picture

one of the best is gone , R.I.P. Lemmy

Solitude's picture

I am devastated! Rest in peace...

welgrrr's picture

Lemmy one month is over since i saw you last time on stage!!!.....now youre dead but
your music and the motörhead concerts i have seen will be with me for all my future life!!!
....may you rest in peace....Born to loose, lived to win!!!

the beast's picture

Saw them at their very last concert in Berlin two weeks ago.
He was already like a dead man walking...was very hard to see him in this bad condition.
RIP the last rockstar

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Rest in Peace Lemmy, i'm lucky i got to see Motörhead at least once, you will not be forgotten.

BagOfLoot's picture

Oh, mein Lemmy. Wir haben Dich für Deine Geradlinigkeit, Deine Ehrlichkeit, Deinen Humor, Deine Unbeugsamkeit, natürlich für Deine Musik und Texte so sehr geliebt, daß wir damit in 1000 dunklen Wintern nicht aufhören können. Wir sind so traurig, daß ich dafür keine Worte kenne. Respekt und Liebe möchte ich Dir aussprechen, und mein tiefstes Mitgefühl Deinen Angehörigen und Freunden. Ich liebe Dich, Lemmy, und es tut so weh, in einer Welt ohne Dich aufzuwachen. So´ne Scheiße! Motörhead forever, Lemmy forever!

Lizard's picture

Das neue Jahr ist schon im Arsch, bevor es angefangen hat, bei so einer beschissenen Nachricht. Irgendwie total surreal, dass er nicht mehr ist.

wolfskrieger's picture

Fuck god and fuck the devil and fuck the church too. I’m responsible for my actions. I don’t need to hide behind nothing. The devil didn’t make me do it, I did it…. whatever I did.
— Lemmy Kilmister

whiteravenmetal's picture

Still no fucking words, He lived like a Legend and He's gone like a Legend. Eternal glory to Lemmy Kilmister!

Bayernpirat's picture
VoodooChild's picture

hahah nice one,
altough if my gf would do that with my guitars i would probably get quite pissed

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DoctorDeath's picture

A little petition to get a statue at his favourite bar.. I've signed, why not!


slayerslayer's picture

just found out that , the funeral service will be live here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSAXVdIj6jY and friends and fans are most welcome , because not everyone can be there , or would fit into the space if they were .

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

We will remember!

DoctorDeath's picture

One year on, you're never forgotten. My local bar played a tonne of Motorhead tonight, cheers to you, Lemmy.

Yoschi29's picture

Cheers! I've been to a Motörhead-tribute gig. And damn. I never believed, somebody could cover his voice, but the singer sounded great!

Nihilistic-Terrorfront's picture

What was the band name of the cover band ? I think I maybe know which band you mean.

Yoschi29's picture
Antonio's picture

It still hurts....

Thrashattck94's picture

The pain hasn't gone. Still hasn't sunk in. :(

MasterDeath's picture

My friend organized an event called "We are Motörhead!" in the small local club yesterday where we celebrated Lemmy with his music, Jack&Coke and old videos. http://imgur.com/a/4kIvd
Rest in peace Lemmy

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RIp Lemmy!

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Year One after Lemmy... still can´t believe he´s gone

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