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KleptoSkuld (Scammer) is back

Bolt Catcher
Thu, 29/12/2022 - 01:41

Your friendly neighborhood scammer KleptoSculd is back under the TSS User: EvilInvaderzz. I commented that on his recent “sale only” post and deleted the post immediately. Careful dealing with him, don’t get scammed again, if you’re dealing with him ask for ownership of the patch post and always buy with protection.
I know it’s him because he provided the same exact email address for his paypal ”younghorse808@gmail.com” which was the same one “KleptoSkuld” used. He even blocked me, further supporting my statement.

Streptococcus's picture

He DMed me earlier today saying he had 4 patches off of my wantlist and it seemed almost too good to be true… I was damn excited about the prospect of getting those patches too haha. Thanks for the heads up man, appreciate it.

Bolt Catcher's picture

Anytime my dude \m/

bad_american1992's picture

Guess who's back
Back again
Georgie's back
Warn a friend

Thanks for this public service announcement Mr. Catcher, and good eyes!

Bolt Catcher's picture

Thank you my dude \m/

Kofuv6's picture

Well this was a close call

Just wrote to him that i wanted a patch from him

Thanks Catcher

Shatafaker666's picture

Thanks for the advice.

1000daysofsodom's picture

Thanks, I almost bought $60 worth off of him lol

fuckenscooter02's picture

That mf a bitch

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

Watch Out people! He is back again trying to sell some hot patches, very likely to scam people again!!!


BE AWARE PEOPLE!!! Don't fall for this!

Bolt Catcher's picture

Based off what people have been saying about him, how that scamming prick accepts the money and ships it out late, we can assume he’s doing exactly what he did previously. He’s gonna scam one or several of you sooner or later!

I can’t say this is entirely true but based off his behavior and reputation I would say it’s the most accurate assumption. He put out a lot of patches for sale, he didn’t wait to “receive all the orders” and ship them later, it looks like he was waiting to see if the money he got from selling was worth scamming all of you and leaving again or staying longer. When he posted the first picture of patches for sale it didn’t have everything he has. It looks like he sold off the cheaper patches to develop some trust and get some good reviews for credibility. Once that happened he started posting some more valuable patches for sale like the ones “Heavy Metal Chemist” has linked.

The idea he had was regaining trust from everyone in a much shorter period of time, then “selling” stuff that’s really valuable and sought after, he doesn’t pass ownership to anyone for those valuable patches so they appear to be available and accept money from as many people as possible and then disappear. We know this scumbag has scammed people more than once before so he’s not gonna have a change of heart now. That’s the reason he took so long to ship your patches, it wasn’t the desired amount he was aiming for to just disappear, so he shipped the patches to not lose his current “credibility”. His thought was why leave with a couple of purchases and lose his chances of selling more when he could play the long game and leave with more.

SeekingCreepingDeath's picture

He's selling on ebay right now.


Cryptic_Stench's picture

Yeah saw him on ebay was going to buy a cc backpatch glad I saw this

David Dynamite's picture

The fact also that he is not out here defending his reputation says a lot about this supposed thief

invisible-horizons's picture

Here’s my story with George Younghorse:

On March 1st, I reached out to George for a bunch of patches. He was quick to reply to my offers but once he received the money, it took him two weeks to send out the patches. Out of the 14 patches I bought, I received 11. He sent me the wrong Exumer - Possessed by Fire patch which wasn’t even pictured in the batch of patches that he was selling. Not only did he mess up there, he also didn’t provide enough for postage, so I had to fork over $4 to the mailman. To be honest, after reading this thread, I’m surprised I received any of the patches at all. Good thing I sent the PayPal payment to him as a “goods and services” payment rather than a “friends and family” payment because I was able to get a partial refund for what he still owed me. The fact that he hasn’t been logged in for almost two weeks says quite a bit about the guy. Lucky for me, I made sure to cover myself before sending any money to this guy.

Anyone have any links to his auctions on eBay?

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