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W.C Noise DIY Vest

bad_american1992's picture

You should have used a ruler and spent more time on them... these logos look sloppy as fuck.

Kallica's picture

I know xD But he , to lazy for that xD
Cheers \m/

grime81's picture

Diy logos drawn on are underrated

Kallica's picture

I agree , I don´t see them very often :D

formezzano's picture

Use better markers (sharpies whatever you call them) get some nice shiny ones

Kallica's picture

I want to use propers ones for this tissue , yet can´t afford them now , so I paint this from time to time so it won´t fade :D

Torbjørn Oskarsson's picture

most of those look pretty good

Kallica's picture

Thank you so much :D

Der Todesking's picture

Would look better if it had only a few logos drawn on it, & put the effort in those ones! Like on the back only a huge but cool Slayer logo, + a few on the front. And then maybe add a few patches, if you don't want vintage ones you can get them pretty cheap. But that's only my opinion...

Kallica's picture

I don´t want patches :/ Yet good idea :D
About the Slayer one and a lot of these , I was half sleeping doing them hahahahhaha
Thank you so much :D \m/

Der Todesking's picture

You're welcome! If you want to wear your jacket with pride, I'd advice you to not be too sleepy or drunk while drawing them logos haha!! ;) You can make stencils f.ex., draw them first with a pencil you can remove easily, is much easier that way!

Kallica's picture

Hhahahaha so true , I wear it with pride and love , yes it´s sloopy but since when is thrash suposed to be something done with perfection hahhahaha :D I would wake up at let´s say 9a.m without eating and would draw them hahhahahaha The Slayer was before going to bed with kitchen material hahaha :D
That wouldn´t be a bad idea .. thanks :D Cheers \m/

Nater90's picture

A for effort!! Always like DIY approach, Less would've look better.

Kallica's picture

Thank you so much :D I still want to do a few more :D ! Cheers \m/

oldmate's picture

i fucking like it!!! this is what metal is about!! really nice!!!

Kallica's picture

Thank you so fucking much Ajnin and DoctorDeath :D
I wanted to do something with an old scholl vibe you know ?! Altough there are some fucking kick ass insane metal jackets and I give credit and love to everysingle one done either I like it or not , imo this is a tradition that was kinda left behind imho , atleast were I live I haven´t seen this in metal gigs :/ Yes it looks weird and sloopy but it was never meant to be perfect hahahah :D
Fucking cheers :D \m/

danielucifer's picture

Nice jacket. I like it.

Kallica's picture

Thank you so much :D Cheers \m/

Kallica's picture

Indeed hahaha ! Cheers \m/

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