Metal band : Coroner

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Angel Medina with 8 entries
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Vertigo with 8 entries
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Recent Comments

  • Not big on covering don't know why...Some just look weird, But love your taste as always and you don't let gen
  • Most welcome bro! I got it in a haul with some other patches, I didn't know much of their stuff only heard a track
  • never trust a thumbnail!
  • Awesome!!
  • Yeah, that's what they always say!
  • no, i bought it in times, when ebay not even exist
  • Still available at: http://unholypatches.kingeshop.com/Patches-bbbaaaaaa.asp
  • Thanks man! It's so fucking awesome!!
  • I think so if you mean the catalog only is the rarest it is for sur!!!
  • willing to trade?
  • Snag this from eBay? If so, you're welcome! (it was mine)
  • Has been an awesome show.(Maybe the best Kreator-show I've seen) It's really cool that they released and also
  • cheers!
  • Really cool stuff!
  • Definitely. Follow them since their first album. Hope there will be some new stuff.Sometime.
  • Nice collection! Very cool that you know Antropomorphia too, amazing band.

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