Local bands you think deserve more attention

Wed, 20/04/2016 - 02:26

What are some bands from around your area you think deserve more attention?

Some of mine:

Taphos Nomos

Postmortal Possession



Go check them out!!!!

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Daemon Foetal Harvest
Pestilential Shadows

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YES..they shred !

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Yes, Great band!!

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I won't name names but most of mine are rather uninspired and generic. Probably wouldn't afford them any more fame than they have already.

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Hell yeah to Xenophile mention, my favorite track of theirs:


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I like this idea :) Anyone has links to their music?

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Solid stuff!!

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Seven Sisters are fucking killer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuqwV8oiU4g

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Seven sisters rules!

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Seen them 3 times and they haven't once put on a bad show. A superb band from London.

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Skelator is wicked

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Sinister Realm

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-Satan's Blade (Heavy / Speed Metal)

-Funerealm (Death Metal)

-Mortuous (members of Exhumed and Funerealm)

-Rude (Death Metal) - They sounds like a mix of Pestilence and Morbid Angel


-Hellfire (Heavy Metal)

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Hellfire! fuck yeah!

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Carapax (Black / Thrash)

Best Songs: Murder and Arson & Incinerator Blues

Also, awesome Hellhammer cover!

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Paralysis, Accelerator, Xenophile, Roargh, Enrage, Gamma Ghouls, Sicada, Demopolis, Midnite Hellion, Seax, Morbid Cross, Sentience, Vexation, Desolate Isolation

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md366GjdAoE Paralysis have a new song out with Gerre from Tankard and it is tight as fuck, check it.

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Fuck yeah, Seax is sick!

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Beyond Mortal Dreams.
Nocturns Mist

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Weak Aside deserves much more attention.
If you like Bolt Thrower you will love them.
Just Check 'em out on YouTube.

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Serpentspire from Spokane. Good friends with everybody in the group. If you like technical death metal, you'll dig this. My favorite track on this demo is Exhumed, the final track on the cut. Check this out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1D912UcJLs

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Sargeras. Black metal, Nattefrost/CF Worship.


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Zafakon is a killer Thrash/Death band and recently they opened for Metallica when they performed here in the island:


Also another killer local Thrash band called Calamity:



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@nuclearmeltdownofficial on instagram is really talented. They have another demo coming out soon and it is gonna be awesome

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MARTYRVORE death/black from my home state of new hampshire; here's a live video from a show they played in dover, nh a few years ago *you'll see an obituary "cause of death" shirt, that's my dumb friend and to his right you'll see my stupid head bobbing around GAAYYYY!!!*

Also gonna say PSYCHO from Boston mass - everyone knows SSD, gang green, slapshot, blood for blood etc. From boston hc scene but no one ever talks about psycho and they deserve to be more well known - been around longer than I've been alive, these guys are old enough to be my parents and still thrashing hard
This is my favorite record of theirs "you love us...you hate us" from 1988

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A.M.S.G. (Black metal, sort of in the vein of Dissection)
Striker (speed metal)
Lethal Shock (speed metal, one of my all time favourites)

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Vomit Stain, a death metal band out of Richmond, Virginia. Here's their YouTube:
They've got a full length album dropping in the near future, be sure to check that out.

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fear of god!

in the wider area, undying lust for cadaverous molestation

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yooo, anal cunt

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Jungle Rot

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Boston sludgy crusty shit

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Bornholm: Black metal from Hungary, really nice and humble guys with superb music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV1BeKmP9bs
Ygfan: Saw them yesterday for the 2nd time, Post-black metal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gghmp10zm5g

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Cut To Fit - Grindcore - http://cuttofit.bandcamp.com
Matatadrone - Drone/Psychedelic/Improvisation - https://matatadrone.bandcamp.com

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Rotten Casket is doing pretty good.They released both their demos through the Irish Underground Movement on CD,And have a large couple of shows laying ahead of them.They play Death Metal heavily inluenced by the early nineties Swedish Underground scene like Entombed for example.

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Shadow of the Destroyer. Opinions always vary but, they make a good go at USBM.

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Biggest band from my area are Grind heroes BLOOD. Grind/Death underground freaks will of course know em, but they definitely deserve some more attention. They're around since 1986 already! Here's a link to their 1999 album "Gas, Flames, Bones". Check it out if you are into brutal Death & Grind!!

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Definitely go chceck out Temnohor and Slavigrom if you like some raw old school black metal

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Other bands from my country to check out are:

Dementium (Thrash/Death):


Fullminator, Crossover Thrash in the vein of Municipal Waste and Suicidal Tendencies:


Argyle (Black Metal):


Organic (formerly called Organic Infest, one of Puerto Rico's first Death Metal bands):


Niohoggr, another killer black metal band:


Severe Mutilation (Death Metal):


Matriarch (Female Melodic Death/Black Metal):


Omnifariam, a melodeath band with a sound very identical to Bloodbath:


Massive Destruktion (Thrash Metal with a sound very similar to old school Destruction):


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Around some years ago i would have said Attic, back when they only had one Youtube track out and i knew they would get huge, hahaha

A really cool band i saw live some time ago, are Teutonic Slaughter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osXsT3xnINA

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Saw them back in 2015. They were really good, and as of today they've got their 2nd album coming out in August.

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Yeah is saw that a while ago. Saw them as the first opener for Sacred Steel and really liked them . The singer was a very cool guy too.

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I forgot to add Angrboda's Curse, a new female fronted bm band my island:


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Here to represent 801, so much good stuff in this thread.
Deathblow (Thrash)

Unceremonial (Black/Death)

Yeti (Doom/Trad Heavy)

Darklord (Proto-black/1st wave inspired BM)

Goat Disciple (War Metal)

Bestial Karnage (Thrash)

Tomb of Belial (Black)

Goro (Grindcore)

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Deathblow and Darklord fucking rip.

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Lol, I wonder if Darklord know that there's already 3 other super kvlt bands by that name. It isn't as if the Australian band are exactly unknown either, for one.

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The following bands not all in my area but family mambers or old friends are playing in those bands.. so listen up:
Paranoya ( Punk Band with members from Hamm and Duisburg, germany )
Delirious ( Thrash Metal Band from a city called Hamm, germany)
Clubber Lang ( Hardcore Band from Hamm, Germany)
F 25 ( Hardcore / Metal Band from Hamm )
Anticops ( Hardcore Band from Berlin, germany )
Dörpms ( Oi Band from Dortmund, germany)
... check em out, bro's and sisters :)

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Thrash: Paralysis, Xenophile, Vexation, the Donner Party, Thrashole, Roargh, Morbid Cross, Dark After Dawn
Heavy/speed: Midnite Hellion, Finix
Death: Sentient Horror (formerly Sentience), Torturous Inception, Eye of the Destroyer, Exovoid
Black: Desolate Isolation, Vantablack, Nightrite, Hellreign, Abnegation
Hardcore: No Nothing, Plank, Enrage

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Huldre. Simply because anything involving a hurdy gurdy can only be awesome. Their lyrics are in Danish though and it really is a band that gives you a proper feeling of sitting around the campfire singing with your friends so might not be for everone.

Livløs. They're small but they're surprisingly good. I only discovered them because of a small one day festival organized by a 14 year old to stand up against bullying. The bandmembers are great people and the music can hold its own.

Radtskaffen. Again a pretty small band and fairly young as well and I'll be honest they're not the best. Sadly anything I could find online is fairly old and doesn't do their live performance any justice at all. I promise they're a thousand times better live and the band members have an amzing humour that just radiates off them on the stage.

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These guys have a sound that reminds me of early Nile, but write about Tolkien with a great grasp of the lore

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Anthrophobia. This band is great.
Frank is a great guy. He books Wednesday 13's shows too and plays at some shows.


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