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  • yeah...the transition phase between their death and black sound...
  • yeah, one of the many bands that deserved more attention...
  • great band i think
  • Thanx mate
  • He looks slightly concerned....
  • It's difficult to say which I like more.
  • Cheers mate!
  • Yes, this is a fantastic bp and a shame it isn't used more often
  • Cheers gerald!
  • YEah, the patch is awesome. Was this your patch? Can't remember form whom I bouoght it
  • Haha thanks a lot for the kind words - if we ever meet on a Show I will invite YOU :)
  • This alternative artwork looks 10 times better than the original.
  • Thanks a lot :)
  • Thanks ... don't tell my gf haha
  • Thanks ... yeah, I have to say I'm glad I bought that backshape some years ago ...
  • Haha thanks a lot mate :)


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