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  • Cool
  • Fucking love the vest my man, but I noticed the two bald spots on the bottom of the back, i reccomend filling them in wi
  • elle est vide ou pleine
  • Crazy design!!
  • Still waiting for my copy. Ordered a bunch of stuff so i have to wait for the package due to later release dates. Look
  • There's several band patches. Not my problem if someone gets butthurt by another patch.
  • Nothing personal but this site is supposed to be about metal, not ideologies.
  • Just got a few band patches in the mail, and waiting for more. probably going to update with pics after I sew them on.
  • Great
  • Beautiful !
  • You literally have more patches dedicated to various ideologies than bands.
  • Welp that's not very nice. Guess the hanged klansman hit too close to home.
  • Cheers!
  • Shit
  • For sale now
  • yeah..but not with this track..haha....imo totaly overrated...no idea why every1 loves this track...or why there are 374
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