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  • me too!
  • That's different. Not sure how fitting it is for the band, but it stands out.
  • Great Work!! Killer Jacket!!
  • This is awesome. Never seen this band on here.
  • Excellent
  • No problem, feel free to ask me if you have any questions about your jacket.
  • Awesome collection. Skullface, this is the first time I see that one. Where did you buy that from?
  • Nice price! Nice shirt!!
  • I really dig these guys! Very cool that you have this old record.
  • Wah! I love it Brutal jacket. All the little metal dot are epic
  • For sure, you're going to see them very soon....
  • Kiske & Co played a brilliant setlist, a lot of old kick ass stuff, you know, I really enjoyed their set.....
  • So cool!! I bet this was a hard longbox to track down!
  • Cheers and thanks!
  • Thanks! Yeah, hope to catch em live soon!
  • Thanks! Ghost patch would be the last thing I put on my jacket haha!
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