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Custom Patch Makers + More

Tue, 02/03/2021 - 20:12

Originally wrote this for r/battlejackets but it wasn't showing up on that sub, so I am going to post it here. Links for the custom patches are below, however, take a look at these tips I made so you can get the images you're needing beforehand!

//////////////////// TIPS FOR GETTING A PERFECT CUSTOM LOGO/DESIGN \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

-Use paint.net (the app) or photoshop to design the image you're exactly looking for. I recommend maxing the contrast and then adding colors, if you want any. For getting a cutout shape, look here: https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+add+a+border+paint.net&rlz=1C1CHB...

-This website allows you to increase the quality and size of your images. After numerous images you enhance, you will need to pay, but I say it's worth it, it works really damn well overall. Here it is: https://letsenhance.io/v2/boost

-Putting custom designs and logos on an image and then placing them on a t-shirt is a great way to get patches of whatever you want for cheap. Simply cut out the logos and designs on the shirt, and then sew them onto whatever you want. Just be careful not to mess up

//////////////////// CUSTOM PATCH/PIN/ETC. MAKERS \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

UKR Patcher - Woven/Embroidery/Printed/Pins/T-Shirts (https://www.facebook.com/ukrpatcher/about/?ref=page_internal)

Haven't tried, but I have seen their patches come out great

Superb Patch - Embroidery/Printed (https://www.superbpatch.com/)

Good prices, quality depends on image you use, I think I had a misprint on the rounded corner backpatch, but everything else has been fantastic

Allied Shirts - T-Shirts (https://www.alliedshirts.com/)

Very reliable and pretty cheap, have used many times

Metal Negro - Embroidery (http://metalnegro.com/index.php?id_product=111&controller=product)

Haven't tried

Sticker You - Woven/Embroidery/Printed/Badges/Stickers (https://www.stickeryou.com/products/patches/744?gclid=Cj0KCQiAmfmABhCHAR...)

Haven't tried

Saimon Embroidery - Embroidery (https://www.etsy.com/listing/576184817/custom-patches-your-embroidered-p...)

I don't think the prices get better than this. My patches always come out great from here

BT Patches - Embroidery (https://www.etsy.com/shop/BTpatches?ref=usf_2020)

Haven't tried

Patchman Best - Embroidery (https://www.etsy.com/shop/PatchmanBest?ref=usf_2020)

Had a custom made backpatch, and it came out perfect. Loved it to death.

Black Dungeon Patch - Embroidery (https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlackDungeonPatch?ref=usf_2020)

I haven't tried buying custom patches from her, but my other purchases was in fantastic condition

Obsidian Embroidery - Embroidery (https://www.etsy.com/shop/ObsidianEmbroidery?ref=usf_2020)

Haven't tried

The Cellar Patches - Screen Print (https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheCellarPatches?ref=usf_2020)

Haven't tried, honestly seems incredibly overpriced, but perhaps it lowers depending on the dimensions?

If you are wanting to find even better prices, maybe browse Etsy a little more. Cheers!

MorticiA's picture

Very cool, thanks for all the research!

GabeG951's picture

You're welcome! 🤘

Thane's picture

Does anyone know somewhere that does custom wovens but doesn't require you to order 50+?

GabeG951's picture

Try UKR Patcher. Sadly, Sticker You is like that so they wont work

Thane's picture

Thanks bro I'll give him a shot 🤘🏻

GabeG951's picture

I checked with him, minimum is 50... :(

Thane's picture

Damn lol Guess I'm going printed for now

LeBoi's picture

Could try Okpatcher from china, she did some patches for PTPP
Woven patches always go by a minimum quantity.


Thane's picture


Snaggletooth's picture

How is the print on the Allied shirts?

GabeG951's picture

When you're doing it on the website, it looks like shit. But when it actually arrives, it's pretty nice. It really depends on the image quality

Freelancer's picture

And again, what about custom wovens patches with minimum amount about 5-10 items? :(

GabeG951's picture

I found this site that does no minimums. Idk how the price will be. I did a really complex, large design and it was about $230. Didnt order it, just went with superbpatch. So it'll probably be a bit much, but here's the place you can try


Into Glory Ride's picture

Awesome! Since i am currently thinking about making and offering my own patches , this is the perfect time. Thank you for your effort!

GabeG951's picture

Best of luck my friend!!

Faber's picture

Dunno what you're planning, but since we got a pretty simular taste: lemme know!

Into Glory Ride's picture

Haha yeah mate, i suppose so.
Well i am in the preparation of something for Bands, that don't have (good) patches yet in "our" field (USPM, Epic, ...). Shirts too probably. Still in the preparation/experimentation phase but I'll surely let you know / announce it here in some way or another!

Faber's picture

Cool man. Gonna keep an eye open for your endeavours! Ever thought about DarkBlack from Portland? ;p

Into Glory Ride's picture

Yeah my problem is i am always working at so many projects at once, slows the whole process down a bit hah
They definitely fall under that banner ! Sellsword!!

Slipper Animal's picture

You should add http://patch-shop.com/ to the list, they do custom embroidered patches. Quality is actually really good, best part is that they can do one-off pieces. Biggest downside is probably the cost, they can be pretty pricey, the website is also pretty archaic so it's really slow. Other than that I'd definitely recommend them.

Arkturean's picture

Good list!

You should also add Ely Hang (http://www.okpatch.com/). She does very high quality woven patches and manufactures for Pull the Plug Patches, Iron & Ash, etc. Minimum order size 50 patches. Very friendly to deal with and good customer service.

KiWi's picture

Here in Germany I had very good experiences with aufnaeher4you https://aufnaeher4u.de/
Very kind people, no problems dealing with extra wishes. Had a large individual patch embroidered in night-glowing yarn.
Also they made my series of Wicküler Beer patches, woven in crispy quality. Unfortunately I had to order 50 as well, some are still left, if you love Wicküler or beer in general...

Das_Gstoich's picture

If you need small quantities go to uwe.
You don't have to buy via eBay, I often just send him a mail. Quality is good, but you really have to tell him that he has to make a "kettelrand".

Thane's picture

Angel Medina on Tshirtslayer always does incredible embroidered patches, I highly recommend him. I used to use Saimon Embroidery, because yes, she has very low prices, but all her patches use felt as a base, which over time doesn't hold up as well and is constantly getting fuzzballs and shit stuck to it.

Messiah-Of-Pigs's picture

I have used UKRPatcher many times, he is great - some of his woven patches are in my page Hellfekted backpatch being one of them (plus others I got made - printed and embroidered).

However, he is based in Ukraine, I do not know and have not asked if production has ceased for the now, I wished him well ect but thought not to ask

Darkring2's picture

They don't do single patches anymore

Kathulex's picture

Looking to get some custom one-off embroidered designs made. Anyone based in Europe that does them affordably? Used to order a lot from UKRpatcher but interested if there are any others around.

MortalCoil138's picture

Great post op

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