Denim Batlle Jacket(In progress)

Fear slayer
Mon, 05/06/2017 - 12:59

This jacket has taken me ages, a lot of the time spent on making the pockets functional, but also layout and maybe some bad planning only to have to unstitch patches and replace them, I'm posting this cos i've done a lot of progress but have hit a bit of a wall and need some encouragement to carry on and finish it. but i'm really pleased with what i have achieved so far. Doing this jacket has really made me appreciate the efforts that people go to do their battle jackets. its really not easy and i now look at other peoples jackets with more admiration than i did before making mine cos i've pricked my fingers so many times and cursed when i have to move patches or a layout doesn't work etc haha

Not for sale or trade
Denim Batlle Jacket(In progress)
Denim Batlle Jacket(In progress)
Denim Batlle Jacket(In progress)
Denim Batlle Jacket(In progress)
Denim Batlle Jacket(In progress)
Denim Batlle Jacket(In progress)

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  • Very cool patch !!
  • I am happy to see that someone reads what I have written here. :)
  • thanks
  • Most jackets dedicated to NSBM barely have any band patches with original art on them - cause most NSBM bands use NS ima
  • killer shirt. i have the crewneck
  • Yes mate, epic
  • What a unique and bizarre graphic on this patch... Truly one of a kind, and I love the little history behind it.
  • This band is insanely killer, a really well hidden gem. Amazing shirt design for a crushing album
  • Couldn´t go to the ´15 shows and they don´t bring anyone to the last spanish tour.. :-(
  • Thanks pal. It was still in its original shrink wrap till only last month
  • Wooooooa brooooooo!!!!!!
  • Now that's something you don't see everyday. Really cool piece Wallace!
  • Necrocosm makes some really cool pins. I got one with Ride for Revenge from them recently.
  • Hammer Teil !!!
  • Crazy! So detailed
  • That's wicked!!! What a catch!
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